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How to Explore the Ancient Celtic Heritage Sites in Ireland

In case you are interested in the history of Ireland, you might want to start by visiting the Celtic heritage sites. Although they have been built hundreds of years ago, they could really speak to you and they will help you understand the people of the past. Newgrange This is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites […]

Blackberry Farm

Best Farm Dining Spots for the Foodie Traveler

The connoisseurs of farm to table dining are always ready to fly across the world to enjoy meals made from the best products traditional farming has to offer. Farms are knows for the quality ingredients they put in a meal so in case you are a fan of this culinary trend here are the best places toconsider. Blackberry Farm Located […]

Paris, France

Top 10 Cities to Visit in 2014

In case you are a “professional” traveler, each year you should have a list of the cities that you would like to visit. This might be the perfect time for you to come up with your list for 2014 just so you know what timing you will need to check all the destinations on your list. Paris, […]


8 Family Destinations for 2014

When you have a family with kids there is nothing better than to go on a family vacation at least once a year. Although you might think that such a trip will break the bank, the good news is that there are some destinations that are both family and pocket-friendly. Denmark We have to admit that this might not […]

Imperial Cities

Why Visit Morocco?

Morocco is an amazing location, offering activities and experiences to inspire even the most seasoned travellers. It really is the place with something for everyone, from family friendly beaches along Agadir or Casablana to the peaks of the High Atlas Mountains for thrill seekers and trekking enthusiasts. Official advice for those travelling from the UK to Morocco can be […]

Packing Smart

Safety Tips for Savvy Travellers

Travelling abroad provides wonderful opportunities to have new experiences and get to know other cultures. Setting off on a much-needed holiday can be incredibly exciting, so don’t allow your trip to be spoiled by poor planning. There are lots of practical things you can do to make sure your holiday goes smoothly and you remain safe and healthy. Handling […]

What to Wear

Preparing For Your Spa Retreat

Spa weekends have become a stylish pastime for many women in the UK, particularly if they have a big event like a wedding coming up. Others will book in for a spa retreat simply to remove themselves from the stresses and strains of contemporary life and to allow their bodies to be pampered while they relax. Whether you want […]

Norwegian Cruises

Quirky Trips for Curious Travellers

For those who are not inspired by the thought of another beach break, it might be time to consider some more unusual options. Holidays don’t have to be spent around a pool, soaking up rays, although this can provide much-needed rest and relaxation. If you’re looking for something a little more unique, start thinking about usual destinations […]

Don’t Hike Alone

Hiking Tips for Beginners

Hiking is a wonderfully rewarding form of exercise and can be done in all seasons, providing that the weather isn’t too extreme. If you’re a beginner, it’s best to hike in mild or moderate conditions to prevent heat or cold interfering with your enjoyment of the experience. Don’t Hike Alone Always ramble within a group, or at least with one other […]

Best Places to See the Northern Lights in February

The northern lights or Aurora Borealis are a spectacular light show created by Mother Nature visible only in a few regions of the world. This year, the winter months coincide with the “Solar Max”, providing great opportunity to witness this beautiful phenomenon. When and Where? The northern lights occur between September and April in the […]