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Top Tips for Holiday Travel 2013

Top Tips for Holiday Travel 2013

Holidays are so much fun when they are fuss free. This is the time to get together with friends and dear ones and if you have to travel to do so you might be interested on the best holiday travel tips. So many people dread holiday traveling because in everybody’s mind airports, train stations and […]

Top 10 Travel Insurance Companies in Australia

Top 10 Travel Insurance Companies in Australia

Travel insurance industry has seen tremendous growth owing to the surge in global tourism initiatives. In such a scenario choosing the right travel insurance becomes a challenge for the consumer. To make their task easy we have listed out the top 10 travel insurance companies in Australia. They are reviewed as under: 1 .1Cover Direct […]

options for the boat you leave behind

Going Abroad? 4 Options for the Boat You Leave Behind

Boaters are adventurers at heart, so it’s no surprise you may be offered an opportunity to live abroad to study, work or just spend a few years making incredible memories. While in another country you might be wondering what to do with the boat you leave behind; it’s unlikely it will be worth the hassle […]

Best Mobile Travel Apps

5 Best Mobile Travel Apps

Today, travel does not mean visiting places on a vacation. To many of the globetrotters, business is the main reason for travel. The current boom in mobile technology, most travelers today are equipped with a mobile device with smart features. Mobile applications are the latest inventions in mobile world where hundreds of applications make life easier to handle. […]

Food tours

Foodies’ Guide to Buenos Aires

If you want to know a country you need to literally taste it! Each country has its own unique cuisine, filled with colors, traditions and modern dishes, adapted to fit its people’s vision upon food. Argentina is one of those magnificent countries where you need to get the taste of the food first, in order […]

Bali, Indonesia

5 Romantic Getaways for 2014

Valentine’s Day always makes us think of a romantic getaway with the loved one. Sunny beaches with warm breezes and crystal clear waters are great for a mini-honeymoon. But there are lots of other places you can visit with your partner and enjoy this time of the year. Exotic Bali, Indonesia This exotic place is […]

What is Norovirus and How to be Safe during a Cruise

What is Norovirus and How to be Safe during a Cruise

Norovirus breakouts are very common, and only the common cold exceeds its occurrence. It usually affects large groups of people living in closed quarters, ship cruises, dorms, schools and nursing homes, ideal Norovirus grounds despite thorough cleanliness. The Norovirus is not deadly and rarely causes any permanent damage. It is marked with nausea, diarrhea, stomach […]

Louisiana Hot Air Balloon Championship

Mardi Gras and Other Amazing Festivals of Louisiana

Mardi gras may be the most popular festival held in New Orleans, Louisiana, but it is not the only festival, that draws crowds to the state. The state hosts a number of festivals through the year attracting visitors with diverse interests. Each of the festival highlights different aspects of the state’s rich culture. Adai Caddo […]

Renaissance New York Times Square Hotel

7 Super Bowl Hotels in NYC for 2014

With the Super Bowl XLVIII teams on their way to the big games, their devoted fans are sure to follow them to New York. The lucky ones with tickets to the games held on the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey will surely look for the hotels, which are prepared to offer them special packages. Renaissance New York Times Square Hotel […]


8 Value Destinations for 2014

In case you are into traveling, most probably you have a bucket list of all the destinations you would like to visit. In this case it might be time to reconsider it and maybe add some of the best value destinations for the next year. Bulgaria This is one of the places that are horribly underrated. The […]