Who doesn’t want to spend their holidays in a peaceful beach? Beaches are the perfect places to have fun in summer.


If you are in search of peaceful beaches, where you can park your car, drag a beach chair and shuffle down the broad walk, here are few great American beach towns.

Newport, Rhode Island!

In this town, you can get beaches, which suits every budget from exclusive clubs to free secluded spots on Aquidneck Island.

Newport on its rocks side faces Atlantic, on colonial side faces Narragansett Bay and a third, Rhode Island, sound-oriented side is swept with beaches.

Easton’s beach, known as first beach, is the classic American spot, where you’ll find snack bars, carousel and cabanas. 1.25-mile stretch below St. George’s school is Sachuset beach that catches the crowd runoff.

Saugatuck, Michigan!

It is located at a 3-hour drive from Detroit. Saugatuck is a combination of an Awe-inspiring landscape and the awe-shucks attitude of a small town. This historic town has always fascinated people looking for adventures or simple beach pleasures.

It is located just across the Kalamazoo River from a surprisingly sandy stretch of Lake Michigan’s eastern shore.

Santa Cruz, California!

This is the Golden state with 29 miles of beaches and seaside amusement parks. Cotton candy and roller coasters is the only source of entertainment in this college town on Monterey Bay. You can enjoy volley ball at busy main beach.

At Pearl Alley Bistro, you can discover hormone free short ribs and sustainable cod, which can help you instead of cotton candy.

Cannon beach, Oregon!

This particular 9 miles of wide walkable beach invites you to enjoy the scenic beauty. The towering rocks, tidal pools, waterfalls and forest are all connected by the soft stretches of sand. The picket fences, glasswork boutiques and surf shops tame the cannon beach into a perfectly stroll worthy seaside escape.

Folly beach, South Carolina!

It is a six mile barrier island with room for surfers and beachcombers. You can enjoy an array of sun activities from fishing, camping to relaxing in the beach. The most exciting history of the beach really attracts many visitors.

Apart from these, there are still many beach towns in America. If you want to spend your most enjoyable summer in a peaceful beach, explore other popular beach towns and accordingly plan your tour perfectly.


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