nature disasterFrom ferocious thunderstorms in Indonesia and tsunamis in Japan to severe heat in Saudi Arabia and terrific monsoons in India, extreme weather is a potential hazard of traveling to exotic and amazing places.

So, it’s worth doing some homework when you are planning to travel.

However, if you do get caught in any natural disaster, the best rule is to follow the expert advice and implement the instructions.

Here are few tips for you to prepare for the dangers and uncertain waters of natural disaster.

  1. Prepare a disaster plan!
  2. Try to know what to do if you encounter any tragedy in your traveling. For instance, if you are separated from your traveling partner, plan how to reach them. However, most formal disaster plans are actually geared to prepare for the natural disasters, but you can make alterations according to your travel needs.

  3. Keep important documents and extra medical supplies!
  4. Keep special need items like prescription medications, extra glasses and many more medical supplies along with you. This is very imperative if you want to stay as safe as possible during a disaster. Keep the photocopies of your routes or itineraries, travel insurance information, passport etc. in each of your bags.

  5. Maintain communication!
  6. Maintain good communication with traveling companions, which is useful for you to communicate with your traveling partners after disaster. If you are traveling alone, keep in contact with your home and update the situations, so that they can fill in others with latest information.

  7. Carry enough cash!
  8. More often many of you avoid carrying extra cash, as you might be worried about the theft and robbery. But, remember, if you are stuck in a natural disaster and if power outage occurs unfortunately, your ATM cards or credit cards can become completely useless. Hence, it would be better for you to carry some extra cash on safe side.

  9. End the vacation!
  10. If you are thinking that being in an exotic destination when tragedy strikes can be fascinating, then don’t be in such foolish thought. Try to end up the vacation [vacation planning], if it seems dangerous to continue.

    When it comes to safety while traveling, think in a pessimistic way. Plan and prepare for most ferocious disasters in your tour. Don’t be too overconfident that nothing can happen to you. It will be absolutely happy if nothing happens, but it would be better for you to prepare for the worst.


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