Summer vacations by the sea side are the most sought after vacation. Beach vacations are popular across the population.

Beach vacations are loved by youngsters in colleges, by families, by ageing couples and more often than not by couples who wish for an exotic honeymoon. So do all of them head to the same beaches?


You are right they don’t. Different beaches attract different crowds. Some are filled with boisterous youngsters and others still have long lonely tranquil stretches with exotic surroundings for the couple in love.

California too has its share of beaches and you will do good to choose the right type of beach for the vacation you are planning. Here is a look at some of the best beaches in California.


California has a long coastline extending to 1100 miles. So you can be sure to find the beach you are looking for. Maybe what you need is fun filled days at the beach with your boisterous kids or maybe you are looking for a hidden getaway to spend a week musing for a new creation, or maybe you simply need a romantic beach with few people.

California can give you anything you need.


Santa Cruz Beaches extend for miles and you can easily find most of what you are looking for. Whether you are looking to surf, swim, fish, sailboard, sunbathe or just have a lot of beach fun, you are sure to find it all here.

Pismo Beach is a fun filled family beach where you can take your dog along and have plenty of fun fooling around.


The Malibu beaches are famous for their celebrity visitors. So check it out for the X factor.

La Jolla’s Beaches have the glory of being among the most beautiful of the state’s beaches. There is plenty of kayaking and surfing plus sea wild life too.

California’s most romantic beaches can be found on the Mendocino’s coast. These beaches are wild with scenic beauty and our chances of finding a lonely strip of beach where you can spend a romantic evening are high.


Another romantic get away is Carmel-by-the Sea. It is a European style village with beautiful white sand beaches. San Diego too offers romantic beaches for the lovers.

There is a beach that fulfills your dream; all you need to know is which one. Plan your beach vacation with care so that you can have a great vacation and come back all rejuvenated.


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