Hard times make so many people consider traveling on a budget and so many of them believe that being on a budget equals not so great destinations.

Nothing could be more wrong especially if considering the most beautiful US beaches where anybody could travel and spend a wonderful time with very little cash in the pocket.

( photo by eklipsse )

Panama City in Florida has a lot of cool accommodation options and with them a lot of occasions for you to spend many nights there having a great time.

Bill Baggs Cape Florida Lighthouse is famous for its amazing beauty and cheap prices. The lighthouse and the park welcome the tourists inviting them to spend a wonderful time.

( photo by susannekremer )

South Beach or Hollywood Beach along with Miami Beach invites the visitors to enjoy amazing scenery with very little expenses.

( photo by ziadaunallah )

US beaches are filled with many things tourists can easily enjoy. These things not always ask for money but they always offer a time to remember.

( photo by BryanSereny )


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