What You Should Know About Behavior When Traveling In Russia?

When you are traveling in Russia, make sure that you know what you need to see and visit. Russia is full of unique architectural designs and rich in history, so make sure that you have a chance to see the beauty of the spectacular Russian cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Before going around the cities, makes sure you already knew what to do when you meet a Russian person for the first time.

A good etiquette is very essential and it’s usually delivered by maintaining strong eye contact. But be careful not to stare as it might look a little bit rude.

On the other hand, you must always avoid looking away when you are talking, since it’s very rude for most people. Be careful when you want to greet somebody with a handshake, especially if you are a man. The woman usually offer her hand first before a man could give her a handshake.

Also, if you are going to visit a Russian home, always behave yourself since Russian people are quite strict to their traditions and watch every single little act that you do. For example, sometimes you must remove your shoes before entering a Russian house.

Even while sitting, try your best to keep both soles properly on the ground. If possible, don’t look directly towards unknown people; especially when there is an eye contact. Posture is always important, so maintaining a good social etiquette will need quite a lot of effort.

Your habit could be translated in many ways so you better master them. For the example, it’s recommended not to chew gum in public, especially with an open mouth.

You also have to avoid doing any slouching and dawdling. Keep both of your hands out of the pocket while talking to people because otherwise you may be considered impolite.

Your appearance also means a lot. Local Russians usually dress quite conservatively. Hence, you must suit yourself with your surroundings to blend in and not shock with your outfit. Make sure that your women family members won’t wear any short skirts or pants, low cut tops, or even tank tops.

Short pants for men are also not completely accepted, especially when you pass through Russian religious building. Use only appropriate and excellent clothes since jeans are not always accepted too.

The main key to have a perfect trip around Russia is acting carefully all the time. Please concern about every single detail including appearance and habit.

You could refer to the Eastern world’s practices to get a better understanding about social norms and keep in mind that being polite is something Russian folk appreciates and treasures.

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  1. Yelena says:

    Yeah, right…

    It is true that you should be polite and all, but I think this text goes too far with telling people how to act and dress. Russians do not actually dress that conservatively. In the summer you can see local women with very revealing clothes and men with shorts and no shirt. The only places where you have to dress conservatively are religious buildings. Everybody must cover their shoulders and legs. Women should wear skirts instead of pants and cover their heads. Everywhere else you can dress however you like.

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