If you’re heading to the high seas on a cruise, be aware that picking the right type of cabin to stay in can make the holiday a lot more enjoyable. If you know where the types of cabins are located, it’ll definitely help you out.

Inside cabins are situated toward the middle of the ship and don’t come with windows. However, they’re usually the least expensive.

An outside cabin will generally have at least one window. They’re usually the same size as inner rooms, but cost a little bit more. You can also get outside cabins that have small balconies and these cost the most.

If you’re on a budget, an outside cabin with an obstructed view of the sea is a good option. The obstruction could be something like a lifeboat and you’ll also get some natural light entering into the cabin.

The deck that the cabin is on will also determine its cost as it generally costs more to be higher up on the ship. But if you’re in an inside cabin, there’s not really any reason to go higher.

If you’d like to relax and be in a quiet area of the ship, try and get a cabin away from a restaurant or bar.

If you’re on a low deck, stay away from the front of the ship as that’s where the anchor is and the back of the ship as you’ll likely hear the noise of the engines. If you’re worried about getting sea sick, then a lower-deck cabin near the middle of the ship is a good choice as there’s less motion there.


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