There are numerous cruise companies in the world, and many people may not know it but Walt Disney is one of the most popular with travelers as it combines a vacation club with cruises. Some of their most popular trips are to the Mayan ruins and the Great Wall of China as they’re ideal family holidays.

The well-known Disney Company launched its cruise line back in 1995 as an opportunity for parents to enjoy cruises and adventures with their children.

They offer a variety of trips, such as 11-night Mediterranean cruises, 14-night transatlantic voyages, and four-night Caribbean adventures.

One of the line’s most popular ships is the Disney Wonder, which is a 10-deck ship that’s made specifically for traveling families. The ship offers Disney characters on board as well as various children’s programs. The vessel offers a welcome buffet and allows passengers to explore the ship before it sails.

Once at sea, the ships offer Broadway-bound productions as well as current movies. The fleet also entertains passengers with dazzling fireworks displays. When sailing the Caribbean, the ship stops at the Castaway Cay exclusive island which features a series of Disney landmarks and comfortable amenities.

The island also provides free child care and programs along with a teen beach if their parents would like to wander around on their own. A private beach, yoga classes and open-air massages are also provided for adults.

While there are plenty of programs on board, children often get the most fun out of the ships’ staff as most of them are dressed up in creative uniforms such as pirates like Captain Hook and other animated characters.

Famous Disney characters can be found all over the ships to sign autographs, take photos with, and talk to the children. The waiters and waitresses even help to feed small children at meal times by cutting up their food and generally keeping them entertained.

The Disney vessels try to keep a family-atmosphere throughout and while you won’t find any casinos on board there are plenty of things to do to keep you busy at all times, including magic shows and limbo contests.

Taking a Disney cruise with your children is an ideal adventure, especially during winter holidays from school as well as spring break. The trips are always entertaining and can also be quite educational at the same time.


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