The Bahamas islands are only 160 km from the East of Florida Coast which makes them an ideal destination for a weekend getaway or a short Bahamas Cruise.

Being an extremely popular destination for the persons trying the cruise experience for the first time, or for anybody who wants a 3-4 night of traveling on the ocean and enjoying the best of the tropical life, the Bahamas cruise is the perfect choice for a short but rewarding vacation.

For the north-east travelers this spectacular cruising experience can take up to 7 nights offering all that is truly worth enjoying on such an occasion.

What can you do on a Bahamas cruise?

Bahamas offer you everything you expect from an island and even more than that. Beautiful white beaches, warm weather, a custom tax free shopping spree, historical picturesque locations and of course the appealing casinos for all those tempted to try their luck.

The waters surrounding the Bahamas are warm and not very deep being ideal for diving and snorkeling and the largest number of Bahamas cruise activities include land excursions combining nautical sports and laying in the sun sessions.

During a cruise you can enjoy trips that will allow you to visit the beautiful islands on a carriage ride, riding a bike or simply walking the attractive streets.

A few hotels like Atlantis Resort and Casino sell one day permits that allow the cruise tourists the possibility of enjoying the private beach and hotel pool, so if you want to spend some time on land, you can do that too.

Some of the cruise lines offer the tourists a whole day on the beach of their very own private island. This way you can plan your day as you want and make the best of the time spend on this beautiful island.

The private islands of the cruising companies are very popular among travelers. They are flawless from any point of views and carry everything you might need to spend a perfect day on the beach.

Here the tourist finds umbrellas, hammocks, bars, showers, volley nets and equipment for nautical sports but also shops and restaurants. The large majority of the cruise companies offer children activities and some islands even have massage tents for adults.

What is the route of a Bahamas cruise?

Mainly all cruises have only two ports where they stop and those are Nassau and Freeport. The longer cruises starting from New York stop also at Cape Canaveral in Florida so the passengers can visit the Orlando Theme Park and the Kennedy Space Center.

There is another stop in Miami and you should know that the majority of cruises include a day in the private islands.

Bahamas cruises are available all through the year and it’s only up to you to go for 3 nights of 4 night cruises. Either way you can be sure you will have a wonderful time in a Bahamas Cruise.


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