If you are in need of a blissful break from your nerve-wracking job and the constant chaos of city life, then now is the perfect time to let go of all that’s holding you back and dive into a week-long vacation filled with idyllic countryside, sunny and picturesque islands, ancient beaches and of course the beautiful blue expanse that will take your breath away.

Here’s a list of 8 enchanting destinations for cruise vacations.

1. The Brahmaputra Cruise

Follow the course of the colossal and magnanimous Brahmaputra River for the most incredible river cruise and discover the fairy-tale of countryside, sublime villages, exotic birds and curious dolphins that come on the surface to dive deep beneath. This experience will leave you mesmerized. Added to it is the accompaniment of delicious food from exotic cuisines that’s served on the panel.

8 Beautiful Cruise Destinations in India

2. The Sunderbans Cruise

If you have adventure boiling in your veins and love nothing but to get soaked in the raw essence of nature, then let the Sunderbans of West Bengal drive you mad with delight. The delta is enigmatic and beautiful with its dense and mysterious mangroves and long meandering rivers. The riverine cruise will take you through Royal Bengal Tiger forest reserves and leave you reeling in the mélange of wild diversity.

3. The Cruise of the Golden Triangle

This is a retreat for the royalty. Schedule a trip to luxury for twelve nights in the finest cruise vacation in India. The trip begins in New Delhi, follows the sites of ancient heritage along the Ganges, and ends in Kolkata of West Bengal. This is a combined land and water tour, with 6 nights on land and 7 nights on the deck. Accommodation is provided in the Hotel Oberoi of New Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra. This cruise is a divine bliss for vacationers who are left feeling fascinated and pampered by the end of the trip.

4. The River Ganges Cruise

If you are longing for a serene spell of historic grandeur, then opt for a cruise along the holy water of the Ganges River. The journey extends from Kolkata to Farakka and the entire cruise route is sprinkled with historic monuments, small tranquil villages and quaint, picturesque towns and hamlets that will appeal to your senses like never before.

5. The Cruise in Goa

Goa is notoriously renowned as a marvelous cruise destination of India. If you are desperately in need of unwinding your pent-up spirits and let it all go, then come to Goa for a wild dose of entertainment, beer revelries, buffet parties, dancing and much more. Apart from this, a cruise along the River Mandovi into the bay Zuari, a spectacular view of the golden sunset and the incandescent waters will enthral your senses. Dance through the day into the richly moonlit night with the love of your life in Goa.

6. The Cruise of Cochin

If all you want in life is a spell of a sail along the sun-kissed waters of the sea, with warm and gentle sea breeze caressing your face, then go for a cruise through Cochin to make your vacation wish come true. The weather of Cochin being moderate, any time of the year is perfect for the Cochin cruise, which is available in different varieties based on your budget and duration. The traditional cuisines and delicacies served on board will make you want to come back again for another glorious experience.

7. The Cruise of the Dibru-Saikhowa

If you are an ornithology enthusiast, then head to the Dibru-Saikhowa for a vacation with the exotic and endemic species of birds that includes the famous white-winged wood duck, bright-winged horse finch, the slow Loris and many more. The Dibru-Saikhowa Cruise is a perfect adventure for fauna buffs.

8. Cruise through the Chilka Lake

This cruise epitomizes serenity and bliss. A favorite spot for birdwatchers, Chilka Lake is about sixty kilometers from Puri, hidden away and picturesque. The sapphire waters will take the cruisers on a riverine glide to watch the herons, pelicans, falcons and much more. The cruise halts at the Rajhangsha Beach for a fun view of cute dolphins.


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