Monterey Bay Aquarium exhibits the world of extraordinary marine life of Pacific Ocean.

You can find more than 35,000 colorful and strange marine creatures.

Like many other visitors, if you are worried about large crowds and long lines at this particular place, the good news for you is Monterey Bay Aquarium includes plenty of room inside.

Even on most crowded day, you can enjoy seeing great things at this place. Here are few tips for you to visit Monterey Bay Aquarium.

  1. Many divers will constantly keep communicating with visitors from the huge tanks of water where marine creatures like fishes reside in. So, you can clarify your doubts if you have any regarding the creatures.
  2. Special petting pool is also available at Monterey Bay Aquarium that allows your little one to touch nubby sea stars and tough bat rays. It also includes play area for your children.
  3. As soon as you get into the aquarium, check the feeding schedules and films of the marine life at the auditorium, so that you can’t miss those wonderful shows.
  4. If you want to take your children along with you, arrive the place at the opening time, so that you’ll find less crowd and spend more time at the aquarium.
  5. Don’t miss out the shark exhibit at Monterey Bay Aquarium that includes almost 24 species of sharks and rays around the world.


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