Indonesia’s holiday island of Bali is well known for its sunshine, beaches, surf, tropical climate and relaxing ambience. It’s a fabulous destination. It is also a place of calm and tranquility, a place where many couples want to spend quality time together, where life slows down and love can thrive. This is where we find Samabe Bali Suites and Villas, a luxury Bali resort located on top of a cliff in Nusa Dua, overlooking warm turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. Just the view alone makes it for a very romantic spot, but Samabe has a lot more to offer for a couple in love, and it ticks all the boxes.

Inspiring engagement ideas

Looking for an original way to ask your loved one to marry you? Samabe will help. They have a variety of wonderful and unique engagement ideas, which will sweep your partner off her feet. From a simple message in the bottle, which she will find during your casual stroll on the beach together, to more ostentatious arrangements, like a bed placed for you in the evening on a secluded beach, surrounded by night torches and topped off with a breathtaking sunset; just the perfect setting for her to say “yes”. The staff at Samabe will take care of everything, all you need to do is choose your unique engagement idea and they will arrange it all, making it a complete surprise for your partner.

Main Pool

Great place for your wedding

Samabe offers a number of different wedding venues to suit all tastes and budgets. You may choose a romantic beach wedding at the resort’s private beach, a traditional ceremony at their gorgeous Perl Chapel, which features a 180 degree view of the Indian Ocean, a classy poll-side service at the Ring Of Fire, also with full ocean panorama, or a luxurious wedding ceremony at the Royal Samabe Residence, a grand double storey villa with its private garden and infinity pool. The resort staff will make sure all goes smoothly and according to your wishes. This will be not only a day for you to cherish, but also one that all your family and friends will enjoy and talk about for a long, long time.

Pearl Chapel

Honeymoon in paradise

Samabe’s cliff-top location and the amazing ocean views present a spectacular setting for a wonderful honeymoon. Its white sandy beach and tropical flora and fauna are just what we see on postcards from exotic places. It’s quiet, secluded, private and relaxing. Exactly what a newlywed couples need to enjoy their special holiday. Samabe offers exclusive honeymoon benefits, which include a bottle of sparkling wine on arrival, an aroma flower bath with candles, a romantic lagoon picnic, and more. The staff will do all they can to make your stay most enjoyable and memorable. You will want to come back for your anniversary.


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