Properly planned trip can truly give you comfort, pleasure and satisfaction of travelling. When you are planning for a long vacation the basic needs are to choose the right location, accommodation and check out if the place has enough to offer for entertainment.

All factors like adventure, relaxation and enjoyment should ideally be covered in a long trip and you might not be planning for another one very soon! For you and your family to enjoy a hassle free trip, here are some tips and tricks

plan a perfect long vacation

Choose the Location Diligently

Any place that is close to your home would not really be a good choice as you can reach there any time in the year. When you are planning a long vacation, try to go for places that are distant and have many excursion spots nearby. There are many travellers’ websites to give you suggestions on such places and what all attractions it has to offer. Such websites also provide forums to give you the real life experience from visitors.

Do Proper Research and Planning

Again online help or travel guides would be the best companion for this – look into the climatic conditions, do’s and dont’s of the place, kinds of recreation options you will get, transport within the city, eating options, culture, currency and shopping. Such an in depth research is needed because you are planning a long stay there and none of the possible hazards should remain hidden to you.

Chalk out your Schedule

You are in a long holiday does not mean you can keep it haphazard, on the returning day you might find that you have wasted much of your time due to lack of scheduling. Write down the names of the tourist spots and places you would like to visit and club them together location wise. Keep a location for each day. Keep the schedule loose as you might find some more attractions when you actually reach the place. Remember to carry a local map with you always.

Compare the Costs

When you are on a long vacation, the budget has to be a little stiff as you can end up spending the last single penny in a new land. Before booking the hotels, flights, and other vacation packages; check and compare the prices on different vendor sites. It’s advisable to buy flight tickets directly from the airline company as third party tickets cost a little higher and also you have to do the full payment up front. Adhere to your budget tactfully; proper pre-planning can help you to save lots.

Travel Agents

If you don’t have much confidence to travel round the place systematically go for a travel agent booking as they will take care of each and every aspect of your vacation at a cheaper rate. Especially if it’s a cruise vacation, travel agents are highly recommended.

Beware of Labels

Often the first rated sites that come as top picks while you are browsing are not necessarily the best ones. Do not go for business partner sites, rather look for the official sites to book your flight, accommodation and other ventures.

Apart from the above mentioned tips, there are some handy things that you should keep on note while you are on a long journey – like inform a friend or neighbour about your dates, plan and location, keep your contact number working and leave it with the concerned person, travel light and do not carry things that you can purchase from the local shops, keep your identification documents with you, keep a travel schedule diary handy, beware of theft and use lockers and security cases, carry proper medication with you always.


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