The many vacation opportunities that are there to tempt us hide certain destinations for example ‘The Mexico Resorts’, where having a good time, exploring and enjoying a colorful culture can become a life changing experience.

The Mexico resorts fit the description perfectly for each of the popular places you can visit while being in Mexico holds the best of the best as excitement, adventure, history; delicious food and fun are concerned.

Mexico Resorts

The best of the best in what Mexico has to offer for an amazing vacation are the Mexico resorts from Acapulco, Cancun and Mayan Riviera.

Acapulco has a tradition in being a tropical paradise with tall mountains covered with luxurious vegetation, white sand beaches and a superb bay, being one of the most sought out Mexico resorts.

The city is divided in three major areas: Playa Revolcadero with the largest water entry and a tropical lagoon of a rare beauty, Puerto Marquis where recently were opened a large number of elegant tourist resorts, and Acapulco Bay – the most famous spectacular natural harbor filled with famous luxury hotels and shopping centers but also holding the best restaurants and clubs where the tourists can have fun.

Cancun is a one of the more relatively young Mexico resorts whose development boomed only a few years ago. Being nothing but a fishermen village in the past, Cancun is today one of the main reasons people come to Mexico.

The city is separated in two distinct areas: the tourist area and the central area where the permanent residents live. Each of these areas have a different air with chic restaurants, malls with air conditioning and shops for the rich tourists on one side , and the picturesque markets on the other side.

The tourist zone is spread over a slice of land called Isla Cancun shaped as a seven, that is the perfect image of a Caribbean paradise with endless beaches, turquoise waters the most luxurious accommodations and exquisite restaurants; a rich nightlife and parties all night long.

The beautiful lagoon in the middle of the island contributes in making this place look like a paradise in the eyes of the visitors. Here you can dive, admire the coral reef and basically have the best time doing whatever nautical sports you like.

The Mayan Riviera has only recently entered in the Mexican resorts category but it has brought something special to the Mexican vacation offer.

The natural caves along the coasts, the shallow waters perfect for diving and snorkeling are welcoming the adventurers.

The young people are having the best of fun here enjoying the picturesque villages along the coast, visiting the Mayan Pyramids and enjoying the Mexican traditional kitchen.

Here the golfing amateurs can find the most spectacular golf courses and enjoy the sport they love. The Mexico Resorts is a paradise on Earth that can surely help anybody have the time of their lives.


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