The city of Berlin, Germany will be lit up in a spectacular fashion from Oct. 13th to 24th 2010, during the Festival of Lights.  Thousands of visitors and residents turn out to see Berlin sparkle when more than 50 fireworks displays, projections, and fabulously coloured laser illuminations brightly light up some of the city’s most famous sites, such as the Brandenburg Gate, Alexander Platz’s TV Tower, Dom Aquaree, and the Kranzler Buildings.

In fact, all of Berlin’s major towers, attractions, and squares, will be bathed in brightly coloured lights.

This is the sixth year for the Festival of Lights in Berlin and it will also feature several cultural events during the 12-day event. Most of these cultural events will deal with the subject of light, to complement the theme of the festival.

The grand opening of the festival will take place on Oct. 13th and it will then be followed by several other jaw-dropping events such as the Night Of Open Doors on Oct, 16th. Jazz will be the theme on Oct. 22nd as Jazz at the Minister gardens takes over and romance will be the theme during the Moonlight Weddings event.

The festival will then come to a climatic end with the City Light Run on Oct. 23rd. You’ll also be able to view the sites of Berlin by land, water, and air during the festival.

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