More and more of them are turning into pet friendly hotels these days, thanks to them realizing the importance of it all.

The large number of pet owners that are absolutely tempted to take their feathered or furry friends along while traveling changed the perspective for the large and small hotel chains in the world.

This happened because after a study conducted by upscale hotel brands like Sheraton and Holyday Inn the large majority of the interviewed general public underlined the fact that they would gladly pay so their pets will be accommodated in the same place they are.

In a market where about 16 % of the pet owners smuggled their pets into hotels that would not allow them and with 40% of the pet owners ready to pay something extra so their pet would enjoy the same luxurious treatment they do, the number of pet friendly hotels pretty much spring out in the market in the last few years.

If the largest number of pet friendly hotels simply offers food and water bowls the more sophisticated hotel brands also offer a complete pampering service that would make any pet extremely happy.

Nine Zero in Boston and Wyndham Peaks Resort are famous for the exquisite food recipes created for the most spoiled fury friends, while Golden Door Spa in Telluride, Colorado as well as Las Ventanas in Mexico are turning the spa experience for dogs into a true exquisite pampering.

If long walks, personalized towels and bandanas, massages and nail clipping are not enough for your pet, you should know that most of these exquisite pet friendly hotels offer also teeth cleaning, dog parking in front of the stores, special fur treatment and styling but also the most complex grooming techniques for your pets’ delight.

Posher destinations like Grove Isle Resort & Club from Florida will surely give a new name to the royal pet treatment.

With white gloves attendants taking doggies out for a walk during “doggie happy hour” and a large number of delicious treats and drinks the dogs are served with make this location a true pet paradise.

Loews chain offers perhaps the most exquisite VIP treatment for your pets. The treats contain salmon and tuna fish for cats, burgers and grilled meat for dogs and the gourmet pet snacks come in an unlimited supply.

Starwood hotels stepped into the pet friendly hotels’ world bringing special accommodations for pets in the form of oversized cushions and delicate attention from a specialized dog therapist even for simple massages but also pet’s birthday cakes if the occasion requires it.

The bottom line is that if you are looking for a pet friendly hotel where both you and your pet can relax the possibilities offered are increasing every day with Pet Friendly Hotels springing up more and more.


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