Many people like to get away from home and travel to various destinations for wellness reasons. This means they love to visit hot springs and spas as a way to relax and enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer them. Hot springs are gifts from the earthand these are some of the best on the planet.

1. England

(photo by cag2012)

You may not think of England as a hot spot for hot springs, but a visit to the town of Bath will change your mind. It’s a popular destination with visitors as the town features ancient Roman baths and thermal pools. The historical hot springs produce Great Britain’s warmest geothermal water.

2. New Zealand

(photo by Pranav Bhatt)

Most of the hot springs in New Zealand can be found in the Taupo Volcanic Zone on the country’s North Island. Some of the most popular springs there are in Whakarewarewa and Rotorua. The scenery is also among the best in the world.

3. Japan

(photo by 16945973@N00)

Japan is well known throughout the world for its famous hot springs. In the city of Beppu there are reportedly close to 3,000 hot springs. These springs in Beppu are the highest flow complex in Japan producing a total of about 420 gallons of hot water each second.

4. Greenland

Greenland, perhaps surprisingly, is quite a popular place for hot springs. If you head to Disko Island, which is about half a percent of the total size of the country, you’ll bind over 2,000 hot springs in total there.

5. Taiwan

(photo by estherfhc)

This Asian nation is also well known for its hot springs as there are more than a 100 of them and they come in several different types. In Taiwan, you’ll find a wide variety of springs to choose from such as cold, hot, sulphur, mud, seabed, and hydrogen and salt sulphide springs. Also, Taiwan offers a variety of luxury accommodations.  Search for a full list of Taipei hotels.

6. Chile

(photo by Simpleburger)

Chile has some of the best hot springs in all of South America with close to 300 of them spread throughout the nation. The most famous of them all is Linquine, which is the continent’s biggest geothermal source.

7. Iceland

(photo by Bods)

While the country’s name conjures up images of frozen landscapes, Iceland is actually pretty famous for its many geothermal baths and hot springs. One of the most popular spots is the Blue Lagoon spa, which is located in Grindavik.

8. Canada

(photo by wboland)

Some of the most popular hot springs in Canada are located in the western provinces of British Columbia and Alberta. These include the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort which is situated in the Columbia River Valley in British Columbia, and Alberta’s Banff Springs.

9. Costa Rica

(photo by chris Haley)

The most popular destination for hot springs in this picturesque country is Rincon de la Vieja National Park, which is located in Guanacaste. There are several types of springs to choose from, including volcanic mud, sulphur, and geothermal springs.

10. Peru

(photo by zuidamerika)

If you’re looking for the country’s oldest hot springs you’ll find them in the charming town of Cajamarca. However, the most popular ones are considered to be in the area of Machu Picchu, which is ancient, historical Inca ruin. The springs are known as Machu Picchu Pueblo, but locals refer to them as Aguas Calientes, which means hot waters.


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