Camel Safari is an ideal way to experience the surrounding areas with much-preferred pace and patience. It offers a uniquely splendid way to unravel the mysteries enveloping deserts, and thus, if you decide to visit a desert anytime on your trip, a camel safari should be on your to-do list.

India is a gifted country, which is presently amongst the most famous tourist attractions in the world. There is so much one can do here: visit expansive beaches, meddle with metropolitan lives in major cities, dive deep into the pool of country’s culture and history preserved in its monuments and religious sites, and experience its natural gifts. Deserts, for that matter, are true beauties of this country.

In order to best experience Indian deserts, you cannot miss out on camel safaris. You will get to experience some of the most popular desserts of the country such as Jodhpur, Bikaner, and Jaisalmer in Rajasthan. The standard safari package includes night stoppages at villages situated across the deserts, but if you want to up the offerings in the package, you need to shell out more.

5 Top Camel Safari Places in India

In this article, we have handpicked 5 camel safaris in India which will surely give you the best of the experience you might ask for.

  1. Ladakh

Ladakh is one place where everything is just so beautiful. You come here and find yourself overwhelmed by a deluge of natural bliss and harmonious locals that will make you want to stay longer and perhaps, forever. So, to best experience a place like this, you need to get enrolled in a camel safari.

The camel safari will cross through the rugged mountains, colorful landscapes, remote villages and take you along impeccably blue water bodies. Visitors have the option to spend away their nights under the star-studded sky in the cold but calm desert.

Here in Ladakh, your rides will be on the top of the native bacteria camels which are shorter than your usual Rajasthani counterparts; however, they are cozier with all the fur and the distinctive two-humps.

  1. Bikaner

Now if you are here in Rajasthan, you will sure hear grandly about Bikaner. Bikaner is famous for its fun-filled camel safaris, rugs, snacks, and sweets.

The Camel Safari commences from the city and takes you all the way to the south where you get to traverse through the adjacent villages of Mohangarh, Baru, Naukh, Kansar, Tandana, and others. You can camp in any of these villages and enjoy the offerings of the locale. Moreover, due to the connectivity with these villages, you get to take along knick-knacks and souvenirs for friends and family.

  1. Pushkar

We all know Pushkar has got great places to visit and spend some leisure time at. However, its camel safaris are distinctively good, and what makes them better is the famous camel dance which riders get to see during the safari period.

While on a Camel Safari, you get to see the majestic Aravalli Hills, small dunes, sandy fields, and aesthetically shocking sunsets and sunrises to refresh yourself. During the safari, you will get to see many camel-related activities such as camel fairs and camel race competitions.

  1. Mandawa

If you live in or around Delhi, all you need is to hop in your car and within a few hours, you are here in Mandawa. Mandawa is a mind refreshing place where you get to feed your eyes with magnificent Havelis embellished with vibrant frescos. You can see all of this on a camel safari.

Camel Safaris will tour you around the city and take you to various architectural achievements of the place. Due to many perks associated with camel safaris in Mandawa, it is the most preferred mode of city touring.

  1. Jaisalmer

You do not know Rajasthan well if you have not visited this amazingly packed but intrinsically beautiful city with rich culture and heritage to remember. The city features golden sand dunes, towering Havelis, ancient and medieval buildings and what not. However, if you wish to experience these the best way, of course, camel safaris is the only option you have.

Camel Safaris in Jaisalmer will take you on a wholesome tour, taking you to the burial grounds of Bhatti Rajput Kings, tiny villages such as Baisakhi known for its temples, and the desert. While you are on your way, make sure you do not miss out on the world-famous Rajasthani cuisine—your taste buds will miss a chance to experience the best of foods in the world.


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