Hungary is everything a tourist wants—from glittering city lights to fantastic natural scenery. When you are here in Hungary, you are visited by a palpably uncontrollable sense of tradition and history which feature in every possible Hungarian thing you see. There are cities and towns which reek of harmony and happiness, and then, there are castles and other architectural marvels which will sweep away your feet without you knowing.

The list does not end with modern-day developments; here there are plenty of mountains, lakes, forests and other natural scenes which might as well give you the right sense of calm and solitude. All of this is here in one country—and we know it as Hungary.

5 Places you should Check Out in Hungary

In this article, we have listed 5 places in Hungary which must be on every tourist’s itinerary. Each place listed is blessed with distinctive feature making it a place worthy to visit once in the lifetime. So, without further ado, here are those 5 places to check out:

  1. The Buda Castle

Once you have laid your eyes on the spectacular Buda Castle situated in the capital city of Budapest, you will be thoroughly convinced why this place’s sobriquet is the “Paris of the East”.

The Buda Castle is a landmark with immense historical relevance, and due to its irreplaceable importance in Hungarian history, it is listed among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Known particularly for its grand architectural designs, the castle was built on the grounds where a palace stood, and its incredible symmetrical layout is the highlight of the highlights.

You get to see amazing views from here, especially the impressively beautiful Danube river, which is incidentally the heart and soul of the country.

Come here to get yourself drowned in the history of Hungary!

  1. Of course, the Danube

In your geography lessons, you must have heard of Danube river, but surely you would not have given a thought to it. Well, now, you should because we are talking about a river with some of the most stunning sunset views of all time.

The Danube River runs throughout Hungary, from north to south, and when it crosses through Budapest, it bifurcates. There is a point known as the Danube Bend, which is also the most popular excursion and recreational spot, where the river bends its way towards the forested Visegrad Mountains before turning south, which is known as the “knee”.

We did mention about the sunsets, and let us tell you where you can get to see them the best way—the Freedom Bridge. One cannot explain in a few words the true beauty of this beautifully named bridge; so we recommend you look up on the Internet.

  1. Tihany

Now we are talking about the most talked-about holiday resort in the country, Tihany. Located on Lake Balaton, this miniature peninsula is only 8 sq. km in the area but claims to have a bunch of remarkable sceneries.

Tihany is a nature reserve with a well-defined and connected trail system. Its most remarkable site is the old Benedictine Abbey, which offers a splendid lake view and access to almond trees in spring and lavender in summer. Just take a walk from the Abbey to the famous Inner Harbour and find yourself gazing endlessly at the passing ships.

  1. Eger Castle

Hungary has its own share of castles, but a few of them are world-famous for their architectural brilliance, underlying history, and surrounding natural bliss—one such castle is the Eger Castle.

Situated in the spa town of Eger along the Bukkmountains, the Eger castle was once a protected gateway into northern Hungary. The structure was extended later in the 16th century, and the design was inspired by contemporary Italian fortresses.

Most of the castle is in ruins, but that does not mean it is no fun. Here the visitors are allowed to explore whatever that remains. It is considered the best place in Hungary to closely study the Baroque architecture, and in case this is not your thing, then you can check out the cafes and restaurants in the lower town.

  1. Cathedral of St. Peter

Cathedral of St. Peter is constructed on the site of a Roman burial chapel and has been considered an influential architecture in Hungary. It was established in the year 1009. The original church lasted only until 12th century after which it was damaged by Mongols. The church fell into a dismal state since it was neglected for years until it was reconstructed in the year 1891.

When you are here, you can take a walk to the Mosque of Yakovali Hassan Pasha which is close by and is a minaret and museum.


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