1. Portugal

Portugal’s beauty is well-known, but what really matters in this touristic paradise are those hidden corners, where you can experience a different side from Portugal. The right place for you is Serra de Estrela.


It is located about 30 minutes west of the border with Spain and represents a real medieval group of villages, ruins and well kept local culture. The olive trees grow surrounding the coast and the vineyards underline the beauty behind the walls of Serra da Estrela.

The hotels aren’t glamorous, but they are marked with tradition and native culture.

2. Macedonia

Macedonia doesn’t have the Bulgarian Black Sea or the Greek touristic traditions, but despite its popular neighbors this country has something impressive – the town of Ohrid, eminent with its lake and its culture objects like castles, old temples and churches.

Recently the Macedonian town is one of the most affordable destinations to rest and we can really say it is a well maintained European city to have your vacation.

Calm and not crowded, the town provides intimacy and hidden beauty. The labyrinth streets and the coast are just another reason to visit this amazing part of Macedonia

3. Austria

The Austrian town of Durnstein is one of the hidden spots in the country, where you can find rest, fun and attractions.

Far from the crowded destinations of Austria, Durnstein is a baroque styled town with history and tradition. The town is surrounded by Wachau valley and it is eminent for being a grape region of Austrian landmark.

4. Greece

Greece has always been famous touristic destination, but there are still spots, which remain undiscovered and hidden. One of those is the small Aegean island of Alonissos. It is located on the west coast and the good news is that it is far from the exploited touristic areas (Cheap Greece holidays).

Aegean Island

Once in a week there is a boat that suggests a visit at the famous Cyclades islands, where you can have your shopping and attractions.

5. Spain

Perhaps you think you took enough from Spain, but the surprising news is that the country is still suggesting hiding getaways such as the little known town of Albarracin.


It is located near Valencia and offers total relaxation, local traditions and nothing but a stunning nature, as well as trip to the Guadalaviar River. Another good reason to visit this town is its museums that kept alive the history of the region.


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