It is true when they say best things come in small packages. Because below are the 5 of the smallest nations which are worth a visit at any time of the year.

1. Maldives


The Maldives, which sits about 250 miles to the south of India, consists of about 2,000 islands, but the total population is around 300,000 people. Most of the people live on just a select few of these magnificent islands, with the capital of Male being the most popular destination. The islands boast plenty of top-class luxury resorts. The local economy relies quite heavily on tourism. If you visit here, just be aware that most of the population follows Islam and practicing any other religions isn’t allowed. This means you won’t be able to go on a pub crawl in Male.  However, if you’re staying on an island resort you won’t have any problems drinking alcohol, eating pork, and dressing how you like.

2. Seychelles


 The Seychelles is one of the smallest nations on the globe, but it’s certainly one of the most popular and beautiful. The Republic of Seychelles lies in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, about 900 miles off the east coast of Africa. The weather and beaches are second to none and you’ll be able to spend your time in some of the world’s best resorts and villas. There are 115 islands in the Seychelles archipelago and you’ll be able to explore as many of them as you choose. This African nation has the lowest population of any country in the continent and offers solitude and peace.

3. Saint Kitts and Nevis


This small Caribbean nation consists of a pair of islands that are joined by an ampersand ocean. Together, the total size of the land is 104 square miles, making it the Americas’ tiniest sovereign nation. The first French and English Caribbean colonies were found in Saint Kitts. There’s a lot of tourism here and many of the visitors are actually allowed to buy citizenship by receiving a local passport in exchange for investment. However, there are strict regulations that you must meet and follow to do this. You’ll be able to explore a historic British fort here as well as climb the extinct volcanoes and enjoy the beaches, water, culture, history, and food.

4. The Marshall Islands


The Republic of the Marshall Islands is made up of 1225 atolls and islands and can be found in Micronesia, just to the north of the Equator. Technically speaking, there are just five actual islands with the rest of the land being considered coral atolls. In fact, 10% of the planet’s atolls are located here. The white sandy beaches are kissed by warm turquoise waters and are watched over by beautiful palm trees. The population of the Marshall Islands is about 67,000 and the land size is 70 square miles. The islands have been ruled by several powers over the years including Britain, Spain, Japan, America, and Germany. The Islands were granted independence by America back in 1986.

5. Liechtenstein


Liechtenstein is located on the famous Rhine River and is nestled in between the Austrian and Swiss Alps. The Principality is 62 square miles in size and the population is approximately 35,000 people. While it’s definitely one of the world’s smallest nations it’s also one of the most well off. The unemployment rate is the second lowest on the globe and the country has the highest gross domestic product when it comes to per person. The nation offers the lowest European corporate tax rate and this has led to more registered companies in the country than citizens. The crime rate is almost non-existent and Liechtenstein doesn’t have an army.


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