Top 5 Tourist Destinations in France

If France is on your wish list of travel destinations, then here is a list of the Top 5tourist destinations in France.



The most well known city and capital of the country, Paris is the heart of France. Some of the historic sites to visit on your tour de Paris would be the Eiffel tower ­– an iconic structure, Louver – an important art gallery and Notre Dame, a well known cathedral set along the banks of river Seine. Those apart, make sure you just spend one day loafing around the city square, enjoy a sparkling glass of wine or a cup of coffee in a street side restaurant. This will give you a flavor of the city, its people and its general mood.



Versailles was home to the kings and queens of France until they were beheaded by La Guillotine. The only remaining memoir of the glory of those times is the Palace of Versailles, which stands testimony to the beautiful architecture of those times. Plan to spend a day in the gardens of the palace and dine at the finest restaurants that serve authentic French gourmet.



Once known for being a colony of the British, this beautiful city is very atypical French. It has a mixed culture and a thriving tourist site for wine enthusiasts from around the world. It is also home to the infamous university and its inhabitants. The best things to do in this city are to enjoy your glass of wineand laze around during the day.

Cannes & Monaco

Cannes Monaco

Replete with beaches and resorts, these are part of the French Riviera and flocked by tourists of the world for their pristine beauties. If food, shopping and basking in the beach are on your cards, then this is the best place for a cool vacation with family or friends. Cannes is also famous for the international movie awards. If you can, then plan your trip to coincide with this annual event and get a glimpse of your favorite stars and may be an autograph or two if you are lucky.

Avignon & Lyon

Avignon Lyon

These are the ancient cities of France that give you a feel of those times and settings of that era. The narrow lanes, cobblestoned streets and the Roman amphitheaters of Lyon are worth the tour. It is reminiscent of the Renaissance period and houses many historical and art museums. Avignon, on the other hand displays its Gothic architecture in full splendor. It is a well known centre for performing arts in the whole of Europe. Art lovers from the world over flock here to get a look at the exhibits and get more than what they bargained for.


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