mexico travel1. Do not drink the water while traveling to Mexico. This is not a myth or a rumor.

Do not drink the water while in Mexico instead always buy bottled water. This also includes ice; do not use ice while in Mexico either.

2. Shops and stores in Mexico are usually open from 10 or 11 in the morning until 6 or 7 in the evening. These business hours are a bit different than the traditional business hours in the United States.

3. Banks are also open hours that are different than traditional hours in the United States. If you need the services of a bank you will need to check on that particular bank’s hours. Hours vary from bank to bank.

4. Churches follow different rules and procedures in Mexico as well. Some churches are open all the time and many churches are closed and locked when there is not a mass in session.

5. Some holidays in Mexico that are not standard in the United States are: February 5 which is Mexico’s Constitution Day; May 1st which is Mexico’s Labor Day and September 16th which is the day Mexico celebrates their independence.


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