1. packing tipsFirst of all take an extra bag with you on the trip for your dirty clothes. This will help in many ways. If you have more than one destination in your vacation having a bag specifically for your dirty clothes will help organize your clean clothes from clothes you will not wear again.
  2. If your vacation involves a beach or swimming pools you should take a small bag or water-proof container of some sort to keep all your valuables safe near the water and from other people.
  3. Pack for each day. You may decide to wear home what you wear to your destination for less packing[packing tips]. Decide in your mind what you are going to wear the first night followed by the second whole day. Plan each day and each night in your head. Do not say to yourself ‘hmmm maybe I should take this shirt too because I really like it and might wear it’. Do not bring two pairs of pants for Thursday night because you aren’t sure which pair you want to wear. If you pack for each day and each night specifically you will save space, time and you will be and feel much more organized.
  4. Try to be reasonable about shoes and accessories. Sure it would be nice if you could bring both pairs of black stilettos but do you really need both pairs? And sure it would be nice to have the black purse with sequins as well as the black leather purse but don’t you think one purse will do for your needs and plans? Choose accessories such as purses and shoes for their ability to work with many different outfits and at many different times of the day.
  5. Try to pack only a carry-on piece of luggage. By doing away with checking a bag you will get rid of any frustration and disappointment if the airline loses your luggage. By having just a carry-on you will have everything you need with you at all times. However if you need to check a bag make sure to have all of your necessities in your carry-on. Necessities such as toiletries and undergarments are some of the items you will definitely need to pack on your carry-on. If there is room in the carry-on you could also pack pajamas and one more outfit in case the airline does lose your luggage.


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