You don’t have to wait for Halloween to enjoy a haunting trip. If you’re a fan of the supernatural, these are five spooky destinations you may want to visit if you don’t get scared too easily.

1. Christ Church, Barbados – Chase Mausoleum

Christ Church, Barbados

There is a West Indian legend that believes the Chase family’s coffins actually move around whenever they feel like it in their mausoleum. The family was buried in this graveyard in Christ Church way back in the 1800s. Years ago, a governor went as far as sealing the vault to make sure there wasn’t anything supernatural taking place. However, when the seal was taken off of the vault nine months later all of the coffins were sitting in different positions. There was obviously something going on to make the coffins move. The government didn’t want people to get spooked out, so they then reburied the Chase coffins in different plots. You can still see the Chase vault today, but it’s empty. Still, many people are afraid to enter it.

2. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – The Stanley Park Halloween Ghost Train

The Stanley Park Halloween Ghost Train

When night time falls in Vancouver’s beautiful Stanley Park, you can take a ride on the popularHalloween Ghost Train. This will take eager families on an eerie journey through the nearby dark, deep woods. The forest is actually illuminated when it comes alive with spooky music, lights, and other types of strange happenings. The train rides are usually available up to and including Halloween on Oct. 31.

3. London, England – The Jack the Ripper Tour

The Jack the Ripper Tour

The legend of the infamous Jack the Ripper will never die, unlike his victims. Nobody knows who Jack the Ripper really was, but it doesn’t really matter as you’ll be able to explore the bloody trail he left behind all those years ago. The tour will take you through the east end of London, where Jack left his victims during his reign of terror. You’ll learn about the possible identity of Jack, as there are several possible suspects. Some people believe it may have even been somebody belonging to the royal family, while others feel it could have been a doctor or sailor.

4. Chicago, Illinois, USA – Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery

Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery

It’s believed by many natives of the Windy City that gangsters in the prohibition-era used to dump their victims bodies here. There are endless legends and myths surrounding Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery. These include stories about devil worshipping, spirits, and ghosts. Many visitors have claimed that they’ve seen some of the headstones move around in the cemetery after dark. They also say they’ve actually seen some of the ghosts wandering around the grounds. One of the most popular legends concerns the White Lady. This is believed to be the troubled spirit of a young woman who wears a white dress and carries a baby in her arms.

5. County Offaly, Ireland – Charleville Castle

County Offaly, Ireland, Charleville Castle

It believed by the local residents that Charleville Castle was originally built to attract positive energy from the druids. However, it ended up attracting evil spirits instead. It’s thought to be the most haunted castle in all of Ireland because it was built over the top of a plague pit. The castle was erected back in 1798 by Charles William Bury, who was the Earl of Charleville. This gothic masterpiece is supposedly still watched over by the ghost of an eight-year-old girl named Harriet, who was one of the Earl’s daughters. She tragically died on the castle’s staircase and people say they can still hear her sing some nights.

These places and stories indeed can send shivers down peoples’ spines. However, despite this fact, these have also become unconventional tourist spots. Thus, for travel agencies and tourism organizations, it would be smart to include these in your marketing paraphernalia.  Invest in a companythat offers impressive custom brochure printing services to get prints that are as chilling and attention-grabbing like the destinations above.


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