1. Chapel Bridge – Switzerland

chapel bridge

One of the main attractions in Lucerne, this bridge was built back in 1333 as its main goal was to provide protection from attacks.  It is also the oldest wooden covered bridge in Europe. The Chapel Bridge is 204 m long.

2. Chengyang Bridge – China

Chengyang Bridge

This Bridge is also called the Wind and the Rain Bridge and it was built in 1916, but it became famous for being a unique construction of wood and stones. The bridge is 64.4 meters long and 10.6 meters high.

3. Charles’ Bridge – Czech Republic

charles bridge

One of the most beautiful Gothic bridges is the Charles’ Bridge. It was built to cross Vltava River in 1357 as the only connection between Old Town and the Prague Castle. Nowadays this bridge is one of the biggest European attractions with its impressive gothic style and architecture.

4. Ponte Vecchio – Italy

ponte vecchio

The Ponte Vecchio or the Old Bridge was built in the times of the Medici family and it was the only Florentine bridge that has survived the WW2 bombings. Still, it is one of the most amazing bridges and it is a real example of a fine architecture that is typical for the Renaissance.

5. Tower Bridge – England

tower bridge

This iconic bridge was built back in 1886 in London over the Thames River. The bridge has an amazing architecture. It took 8 years to be build this bridge. Its location, near the Tower of London has turned the bridge into one of the most famous British historical objects.

6. Alcantara Bridge – Spain

alcantara bridge

Often praised as “The Spanish bride”, this bridge was built between 104 and 106 CE by the Roman Emperor Trajan. The main goal of the bridge was to link Spain with Portugal.

7. Stari Most –Bosnia

stari most bridge

Stari Most literately means the Old Bridge. It was built in 1556 by the Ottoman Turks after their invasion over the Balkans. The bridge crosses the river Neretva passing through the city of Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

8. Pont des Arts – France

Paris - Pont des Arts and  Instutut de France

This Bridge was built in 1804 over the River Seine and it is still the only connection between Institute de France and the central square of the Louvre. The bridge has survived the WW1 and WW2 and nowadays it is another remarkable European bridge with a rich history behind it.

9. Rialto Bridge – Italy

rialto bridge

This Venetian Bridge is one of the four amazing bridges that are built over the Grand Canal in Venice. This one was built by Antonio da Ponte in 1591 and ever since, it turned out to be an iconic bridge for Venice.


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