There’s a lot of fascinating history and culture in Ukraine and one of the most interesting and fun ways to explore it is by taking a cruise down the Dnieper River.

Most cruises down this famous river travel between the wonderful capital city of Kiev and the large seaport of Odessa, which sits in the Black Sea.

dnieper river cruise

There are numerous attractions along the way. One of the best is naturally the city of Kiev as it features plenty of amazing sites such as the Monastery of Caves, which is a series of 11th century cathedrals, bell towers and churches that were built by monks. The St. Sophia Cathedral and its domed roof is another highlight of the city.

When you reach the fabulous city of Odessa you’ll be able to visit the opera house and Primorsky Boulevard along with the Potemkin Steps. The steps were made famous way back in 1925 when Sergei Eisenstein used them for a classic scene for his epic silent film called “Battleship Potemkin.”

In the town of Zaporozhye, you can view Cossack horsemen and in Sevastopol you’ll find the Russian Black Sea Fleet. The city also has some other great sites such as Admiral Nakhimov Square, Vladimir Cathedral, and Khan Palace.

When you dock at Yalta, take a trip to the White Palace where former Russian tsars used to spend their summers and where Roosevelt, Stalin, and Churchill met for a conference in 1945.


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