If adventure travel is your thing, then you must try out wildlife safari.  If you like forests, and/ or animal sighting then wildlife safari is the best option for you. Also, the budding photographers will jump in joy if given a chance to undertake such a safari.

There are several travel destinations with wildlife safari opportunities you can choose from, according to your budget and other preferences. To help you select easily, here is a list of top few wildlife safaris across the world.

Top Eight Wildlife Safari Destinations:

Wildlife safaris form a part of nature travel. For those beaten by the travel bug, catching glimpses wild animals in their natural habitat is a dream come true. Check out where you can go to experience this –


madikweSituated in the North West Province in South Africa and just three hours journey from Johannesburg, this is a malaria free game reserve. If you are in luck you can spot lion, elephant, rhinos, elephants and wild buffalos in Madikwe.


botswanaThis is another wildlife destination in Africa. Here you can stay in tents and observe Zebra migration to the drinking holes in specific time of the day. Other than zebras there are many other animals that also come to drink water here.


In the island you can watch the endangered species of Orang-utans. The place is famous for its exotic collection of flora and fauna and therefore is an ideal destination for nature travel.


Situated in Kerala, India, Periyar tiger reserve is home to the endangered big cats. Periyar is a rain forest and you can hike a tiger trail through it. Apart from tigers, the forest is also home to several other wild animals like boars, deer etc.


Every one, who is a combination of a nature lover and an adventure freak dreams of touring Amazon some day. Amazonian water bodies have over 2000 species of fish, including the piranha, and the forest and the wetlands are home to many types of amphibians and reptiles.


kandalamaSituated in Sri Lanka, this place has thickly forested hills and natural lake, thus is an ideal place to spot animals. If snakes interest you, you can also go to a night time hike to see some snakes found in this region.

Gunung Leuser

This is located in Indonesia, and if you are fascinated by the idea of an elephant patrol in the forests, this can be the ideal destination for you. You can also take a boat ride to the forests or explore it on foot.


pyrennesIf you like birds, you can choose to watch birds in the Pyrennes, the mountain range between France and Spain. Birds like the bearded vulture, golden eagles and European honey buzzards are some of the species which inhabit this area.

Before you take off  to any of these wildlife safaris, do look up for all the do s and don’ts and also figure out when you can visit these places since not all forest sanctuaries remain open throughout the year.


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