Every city has several attractions that are worth visiting. However, if you have already seen the most popular ones or would like to try something a little different, these are some good alternatives.

1. New Orleans, USA

New Orleans, USA

(photo by javacolleen)

If you’d rather visit New Orleans when things are a little less crowded you may want to skip the city’s JazzFest and head there a few weeks earlier for the French Quarter Festival. You’ll also save yourself some money if you take in this four-day festival in the Big Easy as it’s free. The talent is just as good since it features many up and coming and local performers.

2. Buenos Aires, Argentina

(photo by  iphtjes)

A lot of people love to visit Argentina’s wonderful capital city for the tango shows that you can easily find in the San Telmo neighborhood. However, if you’d rather take in some live music as well as dancing then you can head over to La Bomba de Tiempo.

3. Chiang Mai, Thailand

(photo by christianhaugen)

Thailand is a fascinating country that’s filled with friendly people and some amazing wildlife. If you visitChiang Mai you’ll be able to play with, ride and bathe elephants. This is a good alternative to visiting Phuket and Bangkok if you’re looking for something a little different or you’ve already been there. One ofthe best locations to play with these amazing creatures is the Elephant Nature Park, which is a rescue and rehabilitation center where visitors you can spend time with and learn about elephants.

4. Amsterdam, Holland

(photo by mikemcholm)

If you’re an art lover and are pushed for time, you may want to take a look through the Cobra Museum, instead of the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. The Cobra features some excellent works of modern art from Belgian, Dutch, and Danish artists.

5. Sydney, Australia

(photo by lightcliff)

Sydney’s beautiful Darling Harbour is always a hotspot for visitors and it’s hustling and bustling all day long. If you’d like to try something a little different then try heading over to the Sydney Fish Market, which sits about a mile to the west of the city’s business district. You’ll be able to try some freshly-caught oysters along with a bottle of some fine Australian wine. You can also sign up for a quick lesson at the nearby Seafood School where you can learn how to shell and grill certain types of seafood.

6. Tel Aviv, Israel

(photo by wandajs)

If you head to Jaffa you’ll find a neighboring community known as Neve, Tzedek. This is a very interesting cultural destination that features some of Tel Aviv’s best art galleries, shopping boutiques, dining, and architecture.

7. Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

(photo by mikemcd)

Quebec City is a popular place at any time of the year, but it’s especially nice to visit in the winter while the annual Quebec Winter Carnival is taking place. This winter wonderland features a wide variety of activities and exhibits such as canoe races, sleigh rides, and snow sculptures. However, if you aren’t able to make it to the Carnival, you can always head into the middle of Old Quebec and take a toboggan ride at Les Glissades de la Terrasse Dufferin.

8. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

(photo by over_kind_man)

The most famous destinations for sun, sea, and sand in Rio are Copacabana and Ipanema, but they can often get pretty crowded. If you’d like a bit more room and have the time to travel a couple of more hours you can try out Buzios. This area features a total of 23 beaches as well as some excellent restaurants and boutiques.

9. Washington, DC, USA

(photo by ncindc)

There are plenty of historical and government attractions to visit in Washington. When you feel like a change of scenery then head for U and 14th Streets where you can find a wide selection of dining options. Also, try out Logan Circle where you can explore the local art scene.

10. Portofino, Italy

(photo by chris-yunker)

When in Portofino you can jump on a water taxi and head over to Santa Margherita. You’ll find numerous bed and breakfasts as well as some of Italy’s finest food for a lot less money than in Portofino.


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