Everybody dreams of an awesome New Year party and for those looking for a superb bash filled with joy, music, happy drinking and breath-taking fireworks there are a lot of options.

All over the world in the cities where huge crowds are gathering on this occasion to party until dawn, amazing events are prepared for those daring to travel there just for the sake of good time.

Las Vegas – Party Like There’s No Tomorrow

Las Vegas – Party Like There’s No Tomorrow

You may know that the party never ends in Sin City and here you can always expect the best of what the party universe has to offer. How is New Year different? The Vegas Strip is closed for the circulation during New Year’s Eve, the party will move to the streets in a never ending stream of people, music, champagne and famous artists performing for the crowd.

Berlin – A Huge Bash called Silvester

The Branderburg Gate is the gathering place for a huge German and European crowd every New Year. International artists play for the party and rivers of champagne and beer are flowing. This is one of the most spectacular fireworks show in Europe and you can expect to see people partying until the New Year’s day in spite of the dreadful cold that is extremely common for this area.

Sydney – The Best Fireworks in the World

If you are all about seeing the show in the sky and the child in you wants to be amazed by the New Year’s fireworks, do your best and meet 2014 in Sydney. The celebration here starts earlier than in Europe or US and you can enjoy the extremely happy crowd that keeps the party alive till dawn.

London – The First New Year Party of Prince George

London – the first New Year party of Prince George

Because of the huge fuss made about the royal heir being born this year England is sure to do it’s best to top the concept of New Year celebration more than ever before. Join the crowd expecting for the Huge London Eye to light up with rockets and be amazed of the spectacular fireworks spreading light over Thames. Stick around to see the traditional and spectacular New Year day parade.

Rio vs New York – Beach Frenzy vs. The Biggest Street Party in the World

Rio de Janeiro

In Rio, the congregation of party lovers celebrating Iemanja – the Sea Goddess mixes with a huge flow of party lovers, while in New York the top secured street party in the world gathers year after year a “ country “ of people expect the iconic crystal ball to descend signaling the New Year.

New York

Do you dare to mix with the most colorful crowd in the world on the Copacabana beach or are you crazyenough to join the biggest crowd celebrating New Year in the street? Both Rio and New York declaredtheir party will be the biggest in 2014 so where would you go?


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