Budapest is the capital city of the republic of Hungary. The river Danube cuts across the city dividing it into two. This picturesque city has the river flowing through it and lies amidst low limestone hills of the Hilly Buda range. Fairly cool throughout the year the city experiences sub zero temperatures in the winter.

It is a unique city steeped in history and yet trying to move with the modern times. It must be the only city with about 130 thermal wells and springs. They played a major role in the settlement and popularity of the city as a spa center way back in the Roman Age.

No wonder that the modern city boasts of 20 public Turkish baths, many open air swimming pools and plenty of hydrotherapeutic establishments and spa hotels.

The city has plenty of historical sites and monuments which attract tourists from across the globe. Many of these monuments have been marked on the World Heritage list of UNESCO.

It’s picturesque location among the hills with a river flowing through it along with its rich historical background make it a popular tourist destination. It is also popular due to its spa culture which brings in tourists specifically for spa vacations.

Budapest is a smart European destination, a capital city far from being typical but able to create memories.


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