If you love beer, you may want to consider heading over to Munich, Germany in the fall for the country’s wildly-popular Oktoberfest event.

This is largest fair in the world and easily one of the most popular ones in Germany. It’s held every year and attracts about six million visitors from across the planet each time as they flock to the area to drink beer, eat, dance, and sing with each other.

The Oktoberfest festival is well known for its beer tents and huge beers that are served in heavy steins. However, you’re sure to enjoy the party even if you don’t like beer as there is lots more going on during the Bavarian festival.

You will be able to enjoy carnivals and rides, the local bands, and folk dancing, admire the traditional dress, enjoy the hearty food that’s served and be treated to the fantastic German hospitality.

The dates for the 2010 festival are Sept. 18 to Oct. 4. The official opening ceremony takes place on Sat. Sept. 18th in the Schottenhamel tent. The mayor of Munich will tap the first Oktoberfest beer keg at 12 noon.

The Oktoberfest Costume Parade is also a highlight and this colourful event that features local culture and history will take place on the first Sunday of the festival.

There are over 30 beer tents at the event and visitors are allowed to reserve tables ahead of time. However, you don’t need a reservation to get in.

You should get there by about 2:30 pm during the week though as the tents can get quite full pretty early in the day. If the tent’s full, you’ll have to enjoy mingling with people in the line up.

If you have children they will be able to enjoy the various entertainment such as, Ferris wheels, fun rides, roller coasters, parades, and music. There’s also a family day every Tuesday when carnival rides are discounted.

Children are also able to visit the tents with their parents, but those under the age of six need to be taken home by 8 p.m. The ideal time for children to visit the festival is during the week before 5 pm.

The first ever Oktoberfest festival took place in October, 1810 as it was held to celebrate the wedding between Bavarian Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese.

Munich is very easy to reach from most areas of the world via direct flights. You can also get there by train, car, and bus, from most of Europe and once you’re in Germany.



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