Are you an adventure junkie who just cannot get enough of adventurous activities and adrenaline-rush sports? Well you are not alone;there are many people in the world who go to great lengths in search of adventure and this search often leads them to foreign nations as well.

If you wish to go on a holiday that is full of adventure sports, excitement and thrill, then you must check out the following given list of the top 10 countries in the world for outdoor adventure.

1. South Africa

south africaWhether it is spotting animals in their wild or going for horseback riding and hiking, South Africa has it all. This is one country which has the maximum wildlife and safaris in the world and these can bring out the adventurous best out of any person. Apart from safaris, the place also offers many other adventure sports like scuba diving, diving, snorkeling, shark diving, rafting and water skiing.

2. Australia

australiaThis is another destination for adventure lovers as it offers a lot of options for adventure sports such a surfing, kayaking, windsurfing, jet skiing, sailing and speed boating. The place also has places like the Great Barrier Reef, Blue Mountains, Great Ocean road etc. which too satisfy that adventure thirst of people.

3. Nepal

Home to the Himalayas, Nepal boasts of many activities for the adventure junkie. It offers many mountain sports and a rich culture. Some adventure activities that you can enjoy in this country are trekking, biking, rafting, paragliding and hot air ballooning as well. Moreover, the country also has animal safaris and many treks.

4. Switzerland

switzerlandPopularly known as the heaven on earth, Switzerland is truly a place where the most adventure lovers of the world can be found. Apart from the vast types of snow sports, the place also offers activities like trekking, hand gliding, fishing, rafting and others. The outdoor beauty only enhances the experience of the adventure sports and activities.

5. New Zealand

Known for its rich adventure options and sports, New Zealand is the favorite of many. Its mountains, volcanoes, rivers and beaches offer plenty of adventure sport options and some of them include scuba diving, rafting, jet skiing, boarding, trekking, climbing, bungee jumping, mountaineering and many others.

6. British Columbia

This place in Canada is a hot spot for many outdoor adventure activities and sports. It is best known for the options of winter sports that it offers and some of them are snowboarding, snowmobiling and others. Other adventure activities that are enjoyed at this place are hiking, biking, trekking, horseback riding, whale watching, and kayaking, fly fishing, surfing and diving.

7. Norway

norwayNorway is an Eden for the adventure lover and offers many winter sport options. Its amazing mountains, coastline and the overall beauty are a perfect set up for many types of adventure sports. Be it water sports, mountain sports, ice sports or others, the place offers all. This place is also great for those who love the nature.


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