amsterdamThe best way to see Amsterdam is on a bicycle and it may be small but there is plenty to enjoy here not least the canals that flow throughout this great European city.

The natives of Amsterdam are quite possible more laid back than in any other place, with soft drugs, such as cannabis, perfectly legal here, as well as prostitution.

Maybe it explains how relaxed the population actually is.

Being the capital of Holland, Amsterdam is known as the Venice of the North and most people speak very good English. It is steeped in history and there are many museums to visit while soaking it all up.

As well as hiring a bike, getting around on either a tram or a canal boat is just as easy. Walking around this tiny city will not take very long but enjoying all the sights and sounds means that you will want to take your time.

There is some wonderful architecture to be found especially as you slowly drift along one of the many canals that are lined with impressive houses built hundreds of years ago by the merchants as they arrived during the sixteen hundreds.

Of course in Holland you will find windmills and in Amsterdam you will see them from the outskirts of the city itself. The De Otter Windmill which was built in 1631 is the oldest surviving one in the city and is open to visitors every day.

With its extensive waterways and relaxed atmosphere, life here seems so much easier, so is the perfect place for a vacation.


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