William Shakespeare was one of the worlds’ greatest writers and Stratford upon Avon is one of the most charming towns on the globe, so what better way to enjoy a good time by combining the two. You can do this by visiting the English town from Aug. 24-27th 2010, for the Living Shakespeare event.

This offers a wonderful chance to take in some of Shakespeare’s most famous plays and to explore the environment which inspired him.

Visiting his hometown will give you a superb look back into time as you visit his birthplace and other locations that made him famous.

The event features Living Shakespeare courses and visits to the Royal Shakespeare Company. The program focuses on Shakespeare via a series discussions and lectures and gives visitors a chance to interact with the actors and some of other theatre professionals that are involved in the productions.

The event also includes evening meals as well as visits to local theaters. You will also be able to check out museums and other significant places in Shakespeare’s life.

Many of the houses that are connected with his family are still standing and have kept their original character. You can view rare furnishings and several other interesting and historic items from Shakespeare Houses in the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust’s Museum.

All of the Shakespeare Houses sit in beautiful grounds and gardens and offer a wonderful view into the writer’s past life.

For more information about the Living Shakespeare courses, visit shakespeare.org.uk


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