More and more people are becoming aware of Thailand as a great vacation spot due to its weather, food, culture, history, shopping, scenery, beaches, and people. However, there are still some ideal secluded spots where you can enjoy your holidays in relative anonymity.

If you’d like to relax on the beach or a tropical island, there are plenty of them to choose from and these are some of the most hidden gems in Thailand.

One of these is Ko Tarutao National Marine Park, which is made up of 51 separate islands that are situated in the Andaman Sea.

The main island is Ko Tarutao, and this is where the offices of the marine park are located. This place allows you to enjoy the island’s natural resources as there are no resort hotels, restaurants, and bars on the island.

There is a canteen at the park and a small shop that sells necessities. You sleep in tents or bungalows and just enjoy Mother Nature as it was intended to be.

There is another tropical marine national park called Ko Chang, which sits near the border with Cambodia. This is actually the second largest island in Thailand, next to Phuket. Ko Chang is starting to become popular with tourists as it offers sandy beaches and coves, adventurous rain forests, fascinating animal life, mountain peaks, coral reefs, and waterfalls.

It also comes with a lively and vibrant great nightlife. However, if you travel to the eastern region of the island, you’ll find you can get away from the crowds as there’s not as much development there.

Surin National Park is a great place to relax without the crowds as it’s about 35 miles from the west coast of Phang Nga province. This park features snorkelling, diving, game fishing, and hiking and is a nice quiet escape from the tourist traps. The park is made up of islands and they can only be reached by using an organized tour company. This is what keeps the crowds to a minimum.

One of the best hidden spots is Ko Mak. This is a fine spot for those who enjoy tranquillity and no crowds. Ko Mak is home to about 10,000 palm trees, a temple, a rubber plantation, three fishing villages, and two secluded beaches.

The only visitors are usually sea divers and couples. It’s an ideal place to relax and enjoy the natural beauty that it offers.
These islands in Thailand should allow you to enjoy some of the world’s finest beaches and crystal clear water in relative peace and quiet.

Photo Credit: MyBukit


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