One of the most popular attractions in South African city of Johannesburg is the zoo, which was opened in 1904 in the attractive Parkview suburb in the north.

The Johannesburg Zoo is well known for a wide array of interesting animals as well as its tours. It’s a wonderful place for people of all ages and offers a very entertaining day out.

Johannesburg Zoo

The zoo enables you to see nature close up even though you’re in the middle of the city. It offers a chance to view and educate yourself about various kinds of interesting animals from all over the planet.

There are seven separate classifications of animal life on show, which are mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibians, insects, arachnids and fish.

In all, there are hundreds of different species to see. The most popular ones include cheetahs, pumas, crocodiles, polar bears, seals, cobras, Siberian tigers, leopards, gorillas, pandas, orangutans, hippos, lemurs, zebras, baboons, giraffes, badgers, lions, buffalos, rhinos and elephants.

The grounds of the zoo consist of colorful gardens, lush trees, flowers and open spaces which are ideal for picnics.

You’ll be able to witness several feeding sessions with animals such as polar bears, chimpanzees, vultures and wild dogs. Zoo keepers will tell entertaining personal stories about many types of animals, including how they live, their origins, social norms and relationships.

Children will be entertained by the farm yard section where they can see and touch several types of friendly animals such as Nguni and Bapedi sheep, Shire horses, and Shetland ponies. This area also has an amusement section, rides, and playground gyms to keep the children busy.

You don’t have to worry about tired legs at the Johannesburg Zoo as you can tour around it by boat. The ferry stops at many interesting areas and you can get off it and do some exploring. The zoo is 81 hectares in size and there’s a lake that sits in the middle of it.

Guided tours are available and these are a wonderful way to see all aspects of the zoo while learning how the animals live out their lives. It’s an excellent place to check out for both educational and entertainment purposes.


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