There are many museums across the world that feature different types of art, such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Louvre. However, some museums focus on other topics rather than art.

While some of these museums may have some art pieces in them, they’re focused on different historical objects. These are among the most-visited and interesting ones you’ll find across the world.

1. The Musical Instrument Museum, Brussels, Belgium

The Musical Instrument Museum

(photo by infomatique)

This museum was established originally to display instruments to students belonging to the nearbyBrussels Royal Music Conservatory. It’s filled with an excellent instrument collection and the building itself is quite impressive. It’s an art nouveau structure which was constructed back in 1899. There’s a restaurant on the building’s top floor with a quaint terrace which provides spectacular views of Brussels.

2. The VasaMuseet, Stockholm, Sweden

The VasaMuseet

(photo by wm_archiv)

The Vasa was a Swedish ship that sank in Stockholm Harbour in 1628 after sailing for less than a mile on its maiden voyage. The ship sat under the water for 333 years before being brought back to ground in 1961. The ship now sits on display in the fabulous VasaMuseet Museum, which is the most popular inScandinavia visitor-wise.

3. The Egyptian Museum, Cairo, Egypt

The Egyptian Museum

(photo by zoonabar)

This wonderful museum is home to the world’s most complete collection of Egyptian artifacts. It features treasures King Tut’s tomb as well as a large collection of items from some of the nation’s famous Pharaohs. In total, there are more than 120,000 items on display. These include tiny statues and Egyptian mummies.

4. The Tokyo National Museum, Tokyo, Japan

The Tokyo National Museum

(photo by ctsnow)

This museum sits in Ueno Park, and represents the first ever museum established in the country. It houses a wide collection of archaeological objects and Asian art. The museum is housed in a complex that has 5 separate buildings. You’ll see things such as ancient military armor and samurai swords along with decorative pieces including sculptures and screens.

5. The British Museum, London, England

The British Museum

(photo by mp4 )

This museum was established in 1753 by Parliament. There are some art pieces in the British Museum, but it’s probably more well known for the fantastic archeological collection on display. It houses the famous Rosetta stone as well as the Parthenon Sculptures. The architecture of the museum is also quite impressive and the Queen Elizabeth II Great Court is Europe’s biggest covered square.

6. The National Air and Space Museum, Washington, D.C., USA

The National Air and Space Museum

(photo by yotut)

This magnificent museum belongs to the Smithsonian and features the biggest collection ofspacecraft and historic aircraft on the globe. It’s one of the world’s top-visited museums as well. You’ll find some fascinating items here such as the Wright brothers’ original airplane as well as the Spirit of St. Louis, which was flown by Charles Lindbergh. In addition, Apollo 11’s command module is on display.

7. The Lower East Side Tenement Museum, New York City, USA

The Lower East Side Tenement Museum

(photo by mhowry )

This museum honors the plight of many immigrants who arrived in New York City many decades ago. The Tenement Museum is located in an old original New York City tenement building which was discovered late in the 1980s. Guides take you through the cramped and dark living spaces to show what the conditions were like for many immigrant families before New York implemented housing laws.

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