Nassau- The Hint Of Rum And Sound Of Rumba

Nassau, the beautiful capital city of the Bahamas, holds its 360-year-old history through mysterious stories lurking in its forts, beaches, streets and the recent culture of rum-flavored enjoyment, entertainment and relaxation which allures tourists to gather here.


The major forts in Nassau are Fort Charlotte, Government House, Queen’s staircase and the Royal Victoria Gardens and each of them is rich in architecture, myths and stories.

Flamingoes, the national birds are the main view of Ardastra Gardens and Zoo.

nassau3You can get an elusive picture of the underwater world without getting wet in Crystal Cay Marine Park.

The Bahamian history has evidences of slavery, and the Pompey Museum/ Vendue House and the Roselawn museum is built to exhibit the collections of that period.

Nassau is famous for its coconut-flavored country liquors that are popularly known as Ricardo, Don Lorenzo and Ole Nassau.

nassau1The special cocktails with fruit-aroma are exclusive of Nassau. The massive, gorgeous “Atlantis” resort and Casino is a visiting spot in itself.

The most attractive occasion of Nassau is yet to tell. Every year, on Boxer’s day, the small island explodes in Junkanoo carnival of masks of vivid colors and sounds.

Thousands of Bahamians and tourists come up in multicolor, multivariate outfits to sing, dance, and fill the atmosphere with pleasure in joy. The Junkanoo Expo museum is devoted for display of a multitude of junkanoo costumes and hair dresses.

Source : Eagle Latitudes


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  1. Manda says:

    It’s like heaven.I’m just speechless with the spectacular beauty of Nassau.Your pictures are beautiful. They definitely make me want to take a vacation to this place.Great blog!

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