When solo and smart traveller go hand-in-hand, it is nothing less than an adventure. Solo travelling is fun and if you visit Los Angeles, then it is certainly the best decision. In a city like Los Angeles, it is easy to blend with people and discover the magic of this lively city.

Solo trip to Los Angeles isn’t new, as many travellers visit this city regularly. If you want to join the club, then it is important to consider some tips for the solo trip in Los Angeles.

The Internet is in your palm, so don’t hesitate to get information about the city before you backpack. Learn about the nightlife, culture, type of people and interesting things. Once you have information about these things, you can confidently do a solo trip to Los Angeles.

Top 5 Tips to Consider When Planning a Solo Trip to LA

This article presents you with some essential tips before you backpack for a solo trip to Los Angeles:

1. Look for hiking options:

If you are in Los Angeles, then hiking must be the part of your solo trip. It is the best way to engage in some exercise and enjoy the nature. There are many places in LA where you can go for a hiking and enjoy the other side of the city.

Some of the interesting hiking places in LA are Griffith Park, Barnsdall Art Park, and few other options. You can also opt for Los Angeles’s famous hike option- Runyon Canyon Loop, which is 3 miles long and is quite easy to hike.

2. Don’t miss the beach:

You don’t always need a partner to visit the beach and in LA you can certainly have a great time alone. Check out the Venice Boardwalk where you can enjoy the stroll at the pace and the quiet scene. You can even cruise to Malibu to embrace the beautiful view of the location.

3. Book your stay in advance:

As you are on your solo trip, it is better to book your accommodation in advance. There are hostels and budget hotels the price of which can differ.

A budget hotel can range from $75 to $350 a night. LA city being massive, you will not have a drought in finding budget accommodation. Places like West LA, Hollywood, Beverly Hills and along the cost.

4. Opt for local transport system:

Being solo traveller allows you choose your transport option as per your budget. LA has many options of public transport to choose, including the metro rail service, buses, and taxis.

The Metro Rail Subway consists of Red Line, Blue Line, Green Line, and Gold Line covering 62 stations. For long distance travel in the metro subway that can cost you less. Also, check out the prices of city taxis and its charges.

5. Check out the museum:

Do visit the museums of LA which have thought-provoking modern art. Some of the options are LCMA, The Broad, Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, and other options. If you want to check something thrilling, then Museum of Death is the place where you will find letters from serial killers. These museums give a true picture and lost heritage of LA.

Doing a proper research and planning before your backpack will certainly help in enjoying the solo trip to LA. List down the places you want to visit, carry important travel documents, and update yourself with devices to stay connected with your people. Your ultimate aim as a solo travel is to seal the memories for lifelong.


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