Solo female travellers often come across loads of stereotypes and myths which do not make any sense at all. These myths are generally sexist and based on stupid assumptions, but if you are an adamant female solo traveller, then nothing should stop you from travelling to your heart’s content.

The purpose of this article to debunk all those nonsensical myths that often shake the determination of solo travellers unnecessarily. Once you are acquainted with these myths, nothing will scare or insecure you.

So, let us take a dive into the world of foolish myths about female solo travellers, requiring much-needed debunking.

6 Myths about Female Solo Travel Debunked

Here are six of those myths:

1. Myth number one: Travelling solo? Are you lonely?

Charting at number one is the most common myth that female solo travellers come across, this myth tries to deliver an unfavourable underlying tone telling the traveller that there could be no other reason for travelling alone but loneliness.

The concept of solo travelling is not to isolate oneself but connect with the world from an individual standpoint. You get to learn a number of lessons such as making street-smart decisions, handling economic transactions smartly, and what not.

Loneliness is a strong emotion which has nothing to do with the idea of solo travelling.

2. Myth number two: You must be really courageous to have travelled solo

It is surprising to note how much people think that females are not generally brave, and any outdoor activity undertaken by them would require from them extraordinary courage.

Well, no, there is no need to exhibit super-duper, un-human courage to travel solo. Yes, there are a couple of insecurities, but that does not necessarily require a lion-hearted person. A female solo traveller can be a human of ordinary determination and knack for the initiative.

3. Myth number three: You travel alone when you are either single or heart-broken

We do not understand who came up with such unbelievable interpretation associating solo travelling with singlehood or emotional rejuvenation. To put it simple words, solo travelling for female has no conditions. You travel solo whenever and however you want, irrespective of circumstances.

The ‘singlehood’ myth is not as baffling as the ‘heartbreak’ one. The latter presupposes that women would not get the courage to venture outside unless they are emotionally affected; that they will tread beyond their comfort zone when they need to find a new reason for living.

We just have one thing to say—debunk it already!

4. Myth number four: If you are a female and a solo traveller, you cannot be an introvert.

People should realise that travelling is not a restrictive activity—that is it is not meant for only a couple of classes of travellers. It is meant for everyone, and the only essential requirement to travel is desired.

Female solo travellers narrate how their family and friends started considering them as extroverts because of their solo ventures. Their venturesome attitude was being associated with outgoing inclinations—because, according to them, only outgoing persons can be that bold and adventurous.

You can be a super introvert and still travel solo. You can be too restrictive and taciturn and still travel. You can be unruly and callous and still travel.

5. Myth number five: It is better to not travel alone since it is dangerous for women

We do not understand how come dangerousness is gender-specific—that danger would only make an appearance if you belong to a particular sex. In this, female.

It has always been a concern of many people that women should not make such decisions alone and avoid venturing out alone. This myth stems from an unfounded stereotype that women are weak and invite danger towards them.

Women have never been a weaker sex, and danger has never been female-oriented. Danger will come when it has to, and much of it will depend upon your decisions, not sex.

Travelling is always about getting out of your comfort zone, and it does not matter whether you are male or female solo traveller; if you fail to make wise decisions, you are doomed anyway. ‘

6. Myth number six: Travelling solo could be a life-changing decision

Well, we do not entirely dispute this, but it is not an absolute consequence of solo travel. Female travellers do not need to have a special context to travel alone. It could be a simple trip to a countryside place for a couple of days, without engaging in anything adventurous or life-changing.

A life-changing experience comes not because of the nature of the place, but the way we consider the experience. We may end up travelling to beautiful, exotic mountain places and still learn nothing.


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