For some reason, a lot of travelers don’t think of Poland when they’re planning their holidays, but there are some lovely places to visit, one of them being the interesting region of Lubuskie, which is situated in the western region of the country. The region’s two major centres are the cities of Zielona Gora, and Gorzow Wielkopolski.

Lubuskie province is about 9,000 square miles in size, and is approximately five times larger than Luxemburg.

It’s home to about a million residents and there’s plenty of room to enjoy yourself as the population density is pretty low.

Lubuskie has a rich history and is considered a cultural melting pot as it’s been influenced by various other cultures and traditions over the years, including German, Prussian, and Czech. These influences can be seen in some of the region’s historic monuments which have been erected in different historical eras.

Lubuskie is an excellent great place to enjoy the great outdoors as the province features more than 50 nature reserves as well as seven landscape parks.

The region is unspoiled and is home to some interesting and beautiful fauna and flora. If you’re enjoying a walk out in the countryside you could very well come across some of nature’s most wonderful creatures such as roe and fallow deer, hare, wild boar, elk, otters, wolves, and bison.

Birdwatchers will also have a field day as they’ll be able to spot a variety of them such as white and black storks, wood grouse, black grouse, white tailed eagles, corncrakes, black woodpeckers, and rare owls. If you head over to the Nietoperek Bat Reserve you’ll find one of the largest colonies of bats in Europe.

If you’d like to stay active while enjoying the beautiful countryside you can visit some of the crystal-clear lakes for some Sunbathing, Swimming, Fishing, Boating, Kayaking, Canoeing, Sailing, and Diving. Two of the most popular lakes for these activities are located in Lagow and Lubniewice.

There are tons of attractions and sites to visit throughout the region as it has numerous historical monuments and other places of interest, such as Palaces, Castles, Ancient Churches, Cathedrals, Manor Houses, Jewish Cemeteries and Synagogues, and Interesting Museums.

Some of the most interesting and popular places to check out are the Lubuskie Lake District, Miedzyrzecz Fortifications, Roadside Shrines, and Slonsk Bird Reserve.

If you’d like to explore some wonderful villages and towns, you can try Babimost, Bledzew, Chycina, Czechow, Dobiegniew, Drezdenko, Keszyca, Klodawa, Lubniewice, Murzynowo, Osno Lubuskie, Przytoczna, Rokitno, Santok, Torzym, Trzebiszewo, Wojciechowo, and Zary.


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