One of the most scenic cities in Canada is Quebec, especially the old section of town. It’s popular with visitors in both the summer and winter as there’s always something going on. If you can make it there between July 8 and 18th, 2010, you’ll get the extra treat of being able to witness the Quebec Summer Festival.

The event features an extensive selection of street entertainment, cultural events, and music at various venues in the city.

There are over 400 separate events and shows during the 11-day event, with many of them free of charge.

The most popular of these are the wide assortment of street entertainers who showcase their skills every night on la rue Jean Coutu.

Some of the festival’s main events include a variety of popular international entertainers and artists as well as popular Canadian talent. This includes several folk, rock, jazz, and world music concerts along with thrilling circus acts.

You can get a festival pass that allows you to enter most performances and venues, such as the 40,000 seat amphitheatre that’s located on the historic Plains of Abraham. The Quebec City Summer Festival is designed to entertain people of all ages and musical tastes. There is also an entire area that’s aimed at families and children.

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