road tripThe North America is world’s most complete sequence of rocks, standing for two billion years of Earth’s geological history. Showing our planet’s marvelous magic, the Canyon is one of the world’s most visited places.

The Canyon is 277 miles long, wide of 4-18 miles and about a mile depth. The main road trips one can choose while visiting Grand Canyon are the Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, Capitol Reef National Park, Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park and the final grand circle road trip that includes Las Vegas, Nevada.

This trip starts in Nevada, takes you through Las Vegas and has as the first stop the Zion National Park through St. George, Utah.

The Grand Canyon’s spectacular trip begins with the Emerald pools and the world’s largest arch called Kolob Arch (which is 310 feet). After viewing the arch and the pools, the second stop is the Bryce National Park. In this park, there are colorful formations called ‘hoodoos’.

From these colorful schemes that offer a perfect view, the third step is the Capitol Reef National Park which welcomes the guests with a 100 mile long Water Pocket Fold.

The fourth stop is at the Arches National Park. The park has a vast availability to view and hike and also meets the needs for food, gas, and other stuff the roadtrippers may need.

One of the most desirable views is the fifth stop which is the Monument Valley Tribal Park. Huge towers and red sandstones are famous in the Arizona area.

The last destination and the primary target of a one-week road trip is Grand Canyon National Park. It has 6,000 feet deep and has the towns Grand Canyon and Williams from Arizona as destinations worth visiting for a perfect sightseeing.


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