In case you are thinking Sardinia is the Italy you should know, you are surely wrong. Sardinia hides lots of places that are unexplored and moreover, there can be reason to find Italy very different from what you expect.

One of those areas, which are hidden from the touristic crowds, is Sintino. There is located one of the pearls of the Italian coast – the beach Sintino in the town of La Pelosa.

The place is near the Asinara Island, which was a former penal colony, nowadays National Park with three amazing beaches. Sintino is also the only place in Europe, where you can see wild white donkeys.

The best place to stay in is the Cala Rosa Club Hotel, whose main attraction is the local dancing classes. Sardinia has also another place, which you can visit, in case you are looking for privacy.

This place is Costa Verde. The place is full with deserted beaches and dunes. The Scivu beach is also eminent for its 328-foot dunes, a real natural miracle.

Costa Verde is a destination for surfers, for it is eminent with its waves; some of them are reaching real record sizes. The best place to stay is Brezza Marina, located in the town of Torre dei Corsari. As for the town, it is also surprisingly beautiful and kept in an old local architecture style.


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