The beauty of the fall is one of the main reasons why fall foliage travel destinations are so popular. In case you want to find the best places to enjoy the fall, here are some of the best spots you should visit.

The first place as usual belongs to Aspen, Colorado. The capital of the autumn as it is often praised; Aspen is offering the best fall landscapes, especially if you visit it mid to late September, where the golden foliage is surely a promise for a wonderful fall vacation.

The very next place you should consider as a perfect autumn destination is Columbia River Gorge, Oregon. This place is blessed with an extreme beauty, when it comes to nature.

You can experience the full spectrum of the season during a walk along the Columbia River, trailing, hiking or even white-water rafting. Cascade Mountains are also a must see, in case you are going to visit Oregon.

Another must see, when it comes to fall foliage travel spots is the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri.

It is a popular destination for nature lovers, but surely the best time to visit the Lake of the Ozarks is the autumn. The right time to spend your autumn vacation there is in mid-to late October, especially if you want to enjoy lakeside activities.


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