There are many programs about accessible tourism, which is the right one for people with disabilities. When it comes to traveling those people can’t find easily their destinations. Therefore, here are some friendly destinations, considered as accessible by the people with disabilities.

wheel chair travel

In the U.S. there are lots of travel companies that offer great list of packages for accessible tourism. You should research well about the flight companies and their special offers for people with disabilities.

wheel chair travel by busDespite the preferences, traveling in train is considered as the best for people with health problems.

Most long-distance trains offer suitable seating’s and areas for wheelchair travelers. In case you want to visit Europe, Switzerland is the country most preferred for people with disabilities.

Germany is another country that offers great packages and mostly – the country’s attractions are accessible for people on wheelchair.

Most of the countries in Africa are also equipped with the right items that can help people with disabilities to have fun and relax.

As for the destinations in the U.S., it is proven that California is the state that offers the best stay for people with health problems.

Research more about the travel companies that specialize in accessible tourism and consult your doctor before taking the trip.


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