Aruba is one of the most popular of the Caribbean Islands, attracting thousands of visitors each year.

These are some of the things you may want to enjoy while visiting this wonderful nation.


1. Relax, Relax, Relax

One of the best things to do on Aruba is basically relax, take it easy and head to the beach to do nothing. Soak in the hot sun at the wonderful beaches and listen to the sea kissing the sand while enjoying your favorite drink.

You can enjoy beach and water sports if you’re in the mood, but you shouldn’t feel guilty if you do nothing else but just watch the world go by.

2. A Romantic Getaway

The island is one of the most popular in the Caribbean for weddings and honeymoons. It’s quite a romantic spot, especially watching the sun slowly sink into the deep blue sea.

There are some excellent resorts that are designed for those with romance on their minds. You’ll also find plenty of locations from romantic walks and dinners.

3. Checkout the wildlife

A couple of local creatures you’re likely to run into are lizards and iguanas since they’re all over the island. They’re basically friendly and harmless and are vegetarians to boot. You may also get a close-up look at some wild goats and you can visit the adorable wild donkeys at the Aruba Donkey Sanctuary.

Some people even adopt some of these four-legged friendly animals. Another good choice is the Butterfly Farm and let’s not leave out the Aruba Ostrich Farm.

4. The Festivals

The wild and colorful Aruba Carnival takes place each year and if you happen to miss it don’t worry as there is usually some type of street celebration going on each month.

You’ll see pageants, parades, and street dancing galore. There are also several cultural, sporting, and musical events to enjoy each year all over the island.

5. Get a Bird’s-Eye View

Aruba looks great from the ground, but it’s also quite scenic from above too. You can get a look for yourself by enjoying one of the island’s many high-flying adventures such as tandem skydiving. There are a couple of tour operators that offer skydiving and helicopter tours over the beautiful landscape. You can also try it out at sea by going parasailing.

6. Ocean Adventures

As well as taking to the sky, you can also head out to sea for a wide variety of exciting adventures. You’ll be able to enjoy excellent diving and snorkeling trips as well as romantic dinner and sunset cruises on some of the country’s most famous boats. There’s also a pirate boat to enjoy a tour on as well as several other fantastic options.

7. Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

You can snorkel right from the shore in many locations on Aruba. However, taking a trip to De Palm’s private island will allow you to get a close-up look at giant blue parrotfish. In addition, there’s an old sunken freighter called the Antilla which is quite popular with divers and snorkelers.

This German shipwreck is remarkably close to being completely intact and is one of the Caribbean’s biggest and most popular wrecks. If you’re not a lover of the water, you can keep yourself dry while checking out the amazing marine life over at the Atlantis Submarine adventure.

8. Go on a Beach Crawl

Each of the island’s superb beaches is open to the general public and there are several types. Some are ideal for snorkeling while others are tranquil and peaceful and you’ll also come across busy stretches of sand that are ideal for activities such as kite boarding and windsurfing. It’s a fun idea to try out several beaches and enjoy all they have to offer, depending on your current mood.


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