The western Canadian province of British Columbia has some fascinating natural and manmade wonders.

The scenery is out of this world and the city of Vancouver is one of the most cosmopolitan on the globe. These are 8 excellent attractions to visit on a trip to British Columbia.

1. Canada Place

Canada Place

Canada place was originally constructed as the nation’s top pavilion at Expo ’86. It’s definitely one of the most recognizable landmarks in Vancouver and embraces the city’s and country’s nautical roots by extending part way into the harbor. After Expo ’86, Canada Place was turned into a site which contains a convention center, cruise ship terminal, a top-class hotel, and various exhibition areas.

2. The Capalino Suspension Bridge, Vancouver

Capalino Suspension Bridge

The Capalino Suspension Bridge sways over top of the Capalino River which flows far below it. The bridge features the highest and longest suspension footbridge in the world. When you reach the other end of the bridge, you’ll hit a lush, green coastal rainforest. You can now walk above the forest from tree to tree. The current modern bridge is the sixth one to be erected on the same site.

3. Stanley Park, Vancouver

Stanley Park, Vancouver

This wonderful park has been popular with residents and visits for many decades. It sits close to Vancouver and is home to beaches, forests, and a colorful rose garden. You’ll also find a kiddie’s farmyard and water park as well as tennis courts and miniature golf. The Vancouver Aquarium MarineScience Centre also sits in the park.

4. Science World, Vancouver

Science World, Vancouver

Visitors will learn a lot of fascinating things at Science World. These include everything from the world’s tiniest living creatures to astrology.

This building was also a part of Expo ’86 and was reopened in 1989 as a popular science center. There are seven different galleries which offer hundreds of interactive exhibits and displays.

5. Granville Island

Granville Island

This busy island sees millions of tourists each year. It used to be an industrial area, but is now home to street performers who dabble in entertaining magic, comedy, and music. Another popular thing aboutGranville Island is the Public Market, where you can explore the collectibles and local dishes. There are over 200 stores on the island where you can buy just about anything imaginable.

6. The Royal British Columbia Museum, Victoria

Royal British Columbia Museum

This museum was opened up in 1886 in Victoria and it tells the story of British Columbia’s flora, fauna, geography, history, and cultures. There is approximately 26,000 square feet of display area and a total of about 7 million objects in the museum’s collection.

There are walk-through exhibits where you can see rare artifacts. The collection of native North American artifacts and art is one of the biggest on the globe.

7. Long Beach, Vancouver Island

Long Beach, Vancouver Island

Long Beach sits on the shore of Vancouver Island and is home to beaches, rainforests, and wonderful wilderness. You’ll find Bald eagles by the dozen at Clayoquot Sound, which is a well-known UNESCO Biosphere reserve. The nearby Pacific Ocean offers kayaking, fishing, and surfing and if you’re lucky you may see seals, porpoises, and sea lions.

8. Whistler


This popular resort is well known for skiing and was used for event when the Olympics hit town, but it’s pretty vibrant all year long. It attracts a couple of million tourists a year and the nearby Blackcomb and Whistler mountains provide some exceptional scenery along with the lakes and forests.

The resort has more than 90 restaurants and a couple of hundred shops, which still preserves natural enclaves of forests and 5 lakes.


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